What’s So Special About African Mangoes?

You might need heard like African Mangoes and its seemingly supernatural properties that could, being most people have attested, accessory lose weight fast. In fact, fitting to popular demand, the fruit was featured in an episode in the Dr.Oz show where Dr. Mehmet Oz talked over all the benefits that it can do for the body once consumed.

Dr. Oz himself believed in the impressive properties of the African Mango and has even endorsed it as one of the safest and most natural ways to autotomy off the special pounds. Dr. Oz has also called it the “Super Fruit” because of the health benefits it poses for individuals, most especially when combined with proper diet and exercise.

So What is African Mango and How Is It Different From All Other Existing Mangoes?

The Irvingia Gabonensis, or added commonly recognized as the African Mango, is a tree that grows solely in the Central and Western Africa. The fruit that the tree bears is very similar to quintessential mangos, hence the term “African Mango”. Africans have been consuming this alleged “wonder fruit” for quite approximately time now, utilizing both the seeds and the fruit as food, former than to produce supplements and medicines.

African Mangoes’ Spry Benefits

Now that you know what is African Mango and where it originated first, its time to recognize some regarding the benefits that it does for the body. Most researchers who have studied African Mangoes also its properties indicate similar findings, that African mangoes are rich in fiber, protein and fats that are beneficial to our bodies’ daily functioning.

In fact with regular intake, experts believe that it could thin fat, lower down cholesterol levels and normalize the body’s glucose levels.

African Mangoes and Its Fat Burning Properties

Between the flesh regarding the African mango and its seed, the seed contains the most nutrients. The seed helps in increasing levels of the hormone adiponectin which is onus for regulating glucose and maintaining proper blood circulation in the body. These positive chemical reactions in the body in turn, helps burn more fat cells and increase one’s metabolism.

African Mango Supplements

Having been informed what is African Mango and what it can do for the body, you may be interested to purchase supplements instead of the real deal.

African Mango supplements are being sold online therefore well as in local drugstores that contain natural seed extracts from the African Mango. The ones in the form of capsules are the most recommended by physicians as it approximately contains some 150 mg of extracts. 150 mg is the minimum amount of seed extract from the African Mango that our body can take to avoid overdosing, which might impose unnecessary illnesses.

Take this no more than two times a day to help you in crying fat, as well as to lower your body’s level from cholesterol for improved health.

Fake African Mango Supplements

Lots of African Mango supplements have been turning up in the market today, all promising to help reduce current body weight. However consumers are reminded to be same careful when choosing such, because there are fake brands that claim to have African Mango extracts on their products, but are really just additives and fillers.