Transform Your Unused Basement Into a Playroom For Your Cat

Transform Your Unused Basement Into a Playroom For Your Cat

If you’re a cat person, then you know just how much our furry friends like to play (when they’re not sleeping, that is). Whether your kitty is throwing his felt mouse rise in the air, hunting nonexistent prey, or just running around like a maniac, it’s attractive obvious that he likes to have a good time. Unfortunately, however, some (or, OK, maybe a lot) like your possessions have fallen victim to your cat’s rambunctious behavior. If you hold unused basement space, why not transform it into a playroom for your cat? Muffy or Socks will have a special place all their own, and you’ll probably salvage remarkable of your prized possessions in the process.

Basement remodeling for the mean of creating a cat room can be a lot of fun. Put yourself in your cat’s shoes, so to speak, and think about all the things they love most. You probably have at least one piece from upholstered furniture that’s bot shredded to bits. Imagine how much your kitty would love having a chair of his exact own to scratch and claw at quasi much as he pleases? Don’t waste your reimbursement by purchasing a brand new piece of furniture; take a trip to your local thrift store and get kitty a pre-owned chair. Elapsed you get the chair home, put some catnip in the creases and crevices to allurement kitty and let him know the chair is his.

As everyone knows, nothing excites a cat more than a simple cardboard box. For whatever reason, cats seem to think that boxes were made for sleeping, even if their owners have provided a soft, fluffy bed. So, rather than invest in a fancy cat bed, you might as well just exude kitty what he wants and put a few empty boxes down in the basement. If you’re feeling especially creative, you can even build a fort or a playhouse out of cardboard, which kitty will be sure to love.

No cat’s playroom would be complete without some sort of jungle gym that allows him to climb up high. You could invest in a “tree” that’s been covered in carpet, or you could even just hang very sturdy shelves along the walls. Niche the shelves at varying heights and space them close enough together that kitty can jump from one to the other without falling. Your cat would also, undoubtedly, love for you to install a footway that runs around the total perimeter of the basement. This can also be achieved by completely hanging some inexpensive (but, again, sturdy) shelves about two or three feet from the ceiling.

Of course, you’ll want kitty to be able to access his special place whenever he chooses. Rather than leaving the basement door open at all times (which could seriously force havoc on your energy bills), think about installing a kitty door. If your local hardware store doesn’t offer doors specifically for cats, then you can certainly use a regular ole doggy door (just don’t tell kitty that it’s meant for dogs).

Show your cat how much you love him by giving him a space of his very own!