The “Golden Income” Secret Is Currently Paying 12% per Year

I am not going to try to tell you why you should own some gold…

You either penetrate why gold should be part of a well-diversified portfolio… or you don’t.

You either see that the world’s most powerful central banks are all deliberately debasing dictum currencies to stimulate “growth”… or you don’t.

Gold prices have been getting clobbered recently. That’s bad news if you are a short-term investor. But it’s good news if you have a longer-term view. That’s because, if you understand the effects concerted central bank booty printing will have on the values of decree currencies, the recent correction in prices is a great opportunity to buy gold on the dips.

But I don’t recommend you rush out and buy filigree bars… or even gold-backed ETFs.

Sure, those are great ways to track the price of gold. But I never make a recommendation to buy anything unless I know that investment will pay over time. I look for income.

That’s why I recommend you get exposure to the gold market… and pick up some solid income… by buying shares in Gamco Global Gold, Natural Savings & Income Trust (NYSE:GGN).

Gamco is a closed-end fund that holds positions in 48 different gold mining companies also 37 energy companies. And it has been paying out a 10%-plus dividend concede for the last eight years.

Today, it pays a 12% annuity dividend yield. Better still, it pays out monthly. So you can appropriate a hale 1% per month if you redeem now. (Compare that to the measly returns on your CD alternative network market.)

The “golden income” Gamco pays out to shareholders comes from an unusual source: the premiums the company collects from writing covered calls on the stocks it owns in its portfolio.

A covered call is an options system in which an investor writes (sells) call options on a long position he holds a position in to generate increased income from the asset.

When you pen a call et al sell it, the buyer pays you a “premium” upfront. Gamco keeps this premium refusal worry what happens. And because this is a covered call options strategy, if the shares Gamco writes covered calls on rise sharply, Gamco is forced to merchandise them… but at a profit.

Gamco sells a bit of upside, in alternative words, in exchange for a lot of sanctuary in the form of its options premiums.

This “golden income” stream is perfect for today’s environment.

You see, there’s no limit to how many times Gamco can write covered calls on the stocks it owns. And since shares aren’t jumping right now, the company is able to go on to write one contract after another unless seeing its shares called away.

And guess who benefits from the “golden income”? You. Gamco passes group that income onto shareholders.

So don’t worry almost short-term movements in the gold market. Instead, seize the opportunity and start picking up “golden income” about 12% per year.

I recommend you procure in today.


Jim Nelson