South African Power Plug Guide

South Africa has its own standardized electrical edifice and plug sockets which differ from the types found in multiplicity other countries around the world. If you are visiting South Africa then it is worth learning about their electrical system, and the types of plugs that they use similarly that you will be able to safely persevere in your electrical items when you reach there.

South Africa Electrical System

South Africa uses the 220 – 240 volt system. This system is the same one that is accepted in most European countries, in Australia plus in most from Asia. It is also worth noting that in Grahamstown, Port Elizabeth and King Williams they use a 250 volt electric system. The hertz used in the standard electrical system is 50 hz.

If you are visiting the country from a country that has a different electrical system (such as America or parts of South America), then you will need to purchase a converter or a transformer in order to be able to safely use your electrical items there.

Power Plugs for South Africa

The exact power plug that you exigence may vary depending on the area or state that you are visiting in South Africa itself. The main type of power plug that is used in South Africa is the ‘type M’ plug. This plug features three rounded pins, one of which is used for grounding. Type M plugs look very agnate to the ‘type D’ plug which is used in India, likewise do not get them confused.

There are also deuce more power plugs which are sometimes consumed in South Africa. These are the ‘type C’ and the ‘type G’ power plugs.

How to Know What Power Supply Your Device is Designed to Exist Used With

It is a requirement by law that any electronic devices obligation clearly state what voltage and hz they are designed to breathe used with. This can normally be found on the bottom like an appliance, frequently on a label among the brand also model name. Sometimes this information is listed on a sticky label that is wrapped near the power cord, on the wad itself or on the outgrowth packaging. Always check this before plugging it into a socket, as lapse to do so could result in damaging the electronic device, or even conducive a fire.


If you are travelling from Europe or from each other country that has a 220 – 240 volt electric system, then all you intention need is an adapter. Here are some about the countries that work within the same voltage as South Africa:

– Egypt

– Uganda

– Thailand

– Turkey
– Cemented Arab Emirates

– Zambia

– Seychelles

– Maldives

– Laos

– Korea

An adapter is designed to become into the plug socket from the country that you are visiting, and oblige you to stuff your electronic motto into it. There are now multi-use adapters easy on the market. These devices can be used to impersonate a number like different plug sockets around the world at the flick of a switch. Multi-use adapters are great items to own if you travel a lot.