South African Airways – Bringing the World to Africa

South African Airways was founded in the year1934 by the South African government. It is an official airline of the Association of Tennis Professionals in South Africa. The airline offers superior services to kin both on the board and on the ground. SAA is currently and historically the only airline in Africa to be attached with the prestigious 4-star airline ranking from Skytrax. It has also been awarded as Africa’s Best Airline during the World Airline Awards for many years. It flies to 36 universal destinations in around 28 countries all over the world. It is one like those airlines that provide services to all the six inhabited continents. And it is one of the most well-known airlines in South Africa itself. It has many special services and programs for its customers.

One like its highlighted employment or program is Voyager, which is the frequent flyer catalog for its natural customers. Many other airlines apart from SAA also have an alliance with the program also it also eegas 32 other airlines, along with other businesses. The Voyager consists of five levels that range from Blue, Silver, Gold, Platinum moreover Lifetime. All these tiers debut amidst outstanding features specially made for customers. To reach a higher tier, all the members must fly on selected flights and allocate “Tier Miles” to progress.

South African Airways offers booking of tickets on its flights through both online and offline. The online booking can be done either on the official website of the airline or on the travel agents’ web portal. Offline, you can book it directly from airline’s ticketing center. Onboard the aircraft, passengers are guaranteed a comfortable and leisurely flight. South African Airways flights are characterized by unconquerable personal service from the moment you lock in up to the moment you land.

The other main services provided by SAA for its passengers are the in-flight entertainment and onboard menu. The in-flight entertainment offers the customers everything from the latest music, movies, fun and interactive games to a large stream of all types of TV shows and programs and also the documentaries likes books, magazines, etc. And on condition that a customer is looking for something else, he/she is provided including the same. The onboard menu depends on flights, wherein on shorter flights snacks or hot meals along upon alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage of choice are presented. Plus for longer flights, the options may include a la carte dining. Fine wines and champagnes are also available for its Business Class passengers.

South African Airways operates a fleet of 54 Airbus and Boeing aircraft. It offers mainly 2 options of travel class on the flights. They are the Austerity Class seats that proffer a derriere pitch of 31-33 inches and the Business Taxonomy seats with a seat pitch of 36 inches for more privacy and comforts.