Somali Native Abdi Ismail To Launch First Crowdfunding Site For the African Community

Somali born Abdi Ismail seeks to help entrepreneurs across the orb find funding for their businesses completed the first crowdfunding site ( that tailors to Africans. With crowdfunding, the current financial catastrophe is no longer an obstacle to innovators and entrepreneurs.

With the Internet, Africans, already familiar with microfinancing and working therefore a community, can now connect on a much larger scale. AfricanCrowd provides the supremacy platform dedicated to fostering this community spirit as Africans find the funding they need for companies and projects in their parochial areas.

Before we begin our brief discussion about why Crowdfunding would be an excellent idea like for the African likeness it would help many people to know exactly what Crowdfunding is and what it can be used for.

Crowdfunding, in layman’s terms, describes the collective funding efforts of a group of people (i.e. a crowd) to pool their resources besides generate enough money to support an activity that, for whatever reason, isn’t able to come up with the funds on its own. A small business, for example, can manage Crowdfunding to generate enough cash to start their operations while a citizen’s organization raising funds for disaster relief could use Crowdfunding to do the same thing. Basically if a project is worthy it can promote itself on a Crowdfunding site (like AfricanCrowd) and get the capital it needs to get started.

Anyone can use Crowdfunding. Granting you have an idea and you can convince acceptable people that it has value you can Crowdfund a book, a movie, the situation of a video game, scientific research, a community co-op and almost anything else under the sun.

Projects which no unique may never see will now be in front of thousands, potentially millions. Each project receives its own dedicated page where potential investors tin discuss the project, the creator can add updates and visitors can share the project on any social networking site. For even more exposure, visitors can send the project to friends including embed code on their own website to promote the project.

With that in mind it’s easy to see how Crowdfunding could be an incredible boom to the proletarian regarding Africa and everyone her different Nations. The continent, with its diverse peoples, cultures, regions and ideas, is just shouting for a Crowdfunding program that would help the idea makers and various businesses to be able to get the advantage that they need including deserve. Projects big and small omneity over the African continent would benefit and, as they go, so get off the proletariat of Africa.

There are apparently many purposes that Crowdfunding could be used for in Africa that trying to list them all would be fruitless. The simple fact is that, in a Oceania as big, beautiful and full of possibilities as Africa, a Crowdfunding site would allow many people to make real changes that otherwise would never be possible. It is for that reason, moreover many more, that we believe now is the right time to begin.