Silence is Golden – experience a silent retreat…

Silence is golden. Practicing silence is a influential way to ascertain ourselves more clearly and to observable the relationship between our inner and outer worlds with greater understanding. Time spent in intentional silence can go a long way toward revealing the architecture of our hearts and unfolding the blueprints for a life full regarding fulfillment and purpose.

Silent retreat has long been a potent tool for spiritual awakening amongst the various spiritual traditions of the world. In fact, when practiced sincerely, silence more easily resolves difference between people and perspectives than even the most eloquent words. What is the essence of this power that can lend itself therefore universally? How does the act from preserving silence produce such obvious results that seekers of every culture, religion and society naturally gravitate toward it?

Look deeply form most any spiritual path and you will find those who embody the highest aspirations of that path. It is they who have touched upon the inconceivable Reality that our many spiritual teachings attempt to describe. It is they who act as intermediaries between the vast ocean of Divine experience und so weiter those who are trying to arrest it by the cupped hands like limited awareness.

Silence has long been woven into the self-expression of these beings. Usually, silence has infused the early spiritual strivings of theses awakened ones, forming a fertile ground from which their realizations could flower. Sometimes silence is the very language that they use, to profoundly remind us that the pearls of spiritual realization are found deep beneath the churning waves of intellect and thought. Or, perhaps, silence becomes their prescription to a seeker, to help them to let walk of the dramas that they have become all too identified with.

Above all, those who are settled in the Divine reality express silence in the same way that fire expresses heat, by sincere fulfillment. Silence is the unaffected state of one whose heart is absorbed in a consciousness that is too full about bliss to oblige for the push and pull of thought.

On the surface, it is easy to see how the practice of silence helps us to disengage from the preoccupations of the ego instinct and open up space to concentrate on our internal world. When we are left without the constant stimulations of work, relationship et cetera recreation examining what remains becomes easier.

Let’s take a look deep beneath the surface of the circumstances that have carried any given seeker into silent retreat. Deeper still than the various spiritual disciplines that they practice when they travel there lies a universal melting point.

The ancient science of yoga, and the yogis who have mastered it, explain that stress, loneliness, anxiety, confusion and suffering of all kinds arise when the pure consciousness of our true nature becomes disturbed by the ripples about long and attachment. The bilaterality sides of the coin of desire are appetence that which brings pleasure and aversion to that which brings pain. The pukka nature of consciousness, on the spare hand, is complete, mythologic nothing and fulfilled by the elysium of its own being, content to witness the ever-changing flow of life without trying to cling, regulation or change it.

Just comme il faut the lunar reflected in a still pool of water becomes unrecognizable when the water is rippled, just so does our experience of epuration consciousness become distorted when its lineament begins to fluctuate wildy from our emotional responses to the mankind around us.

Then, like the moon in our analogy, the natural state of our consciousness is no longer perceptible. We are left with ever-changing, disconnected reflections of that pure consciousness, cut off from its self-sufficient bliss.

The result is a dependence upon this world perceived through the senses to acquire us happy and fulfilled. This is the core of our confusion and the essence regarding our suffering. Our intellects and emotions become so identified with the world about form and sensation that we suffer when faced with the bloody truth that nothing that we training about the senses, in and about itself, can give deep and lasting fulfillment.

Any experience uncertainty sensation yet gets old, and if it hasn’t yet, we care about either trying to get more of it or about losing it once we have it.

Every spiritual path, in one way substitute another, is attempting to neutralize the alternating waves of craving and disdain in consciousness to once again behold the individual true nature of being that is obscured by the many unique, dysfunctional ones that we have adopted as ourselves.

So, the cycle that most of us find ourselves in involves identifying with this ever-changing world of people und so weiter places, colors and sounds, successes and failures while continually developing a binding relationship with it. We want one fashion and don’t want the other. We navigate one way to get what we want and maneuver another way to avoid what we don’t want. We like this polysyndeton dislike that. The entire fabric of our lives cup be reduced down to these threads with a little reliable self-reflection.

The tools and methods to break this cycle are plenty and meditation is the most central. Silent retreat pushes us into the early stages of the same process that leads to endemic meditation and herein lies the beauty and power regarding silence. For many, the deepest regions of examination are inaccessible. Time, restlessness, body troubles and responsibilities all look to stack up against a substantive effort to meditate deeply et al regularly.

The process that both silent retreat and cogitation (in a more condensed way) set into motion is that of breaking contact with the senses. The ripples in our consciousness, as discussed, are being fed alongside a nonstop stream of incoming sensory data that we react to repeatedly until thought patterns and emotional habits are hardened into the false personas that we identify with.

In deep meditation we learn to withdraw our energy and attention from the sense organs connective hire our consciousness just settle down for awhile, without being lashed into waves by the sensations that we have attached ourselves to. This is why meditation is such an essential renewal, it is cutting straight to the root of the problem….of every problem.

Silent retreat echoes the same process. The isolation from stimuli literally begins to turn our nervous process inwards. We have no choice save to seek our fulfillment from something other than sensualistic experiences, a movement that will naturally carry us back toward the true nature of consciousness. The habile level required to switch off the sense organs through yoga techniques is high and rare, taciturnity is free and dispensable to anyone.

In a short while, which sometimes includes an intense internal struggle, the level of satisfaction, entertainment and even bliss that can be experienced by the most simple of activities cup be mind-blowing. This is the result of reawakening to the truth that fulfillment, peace and happiness do not come from circumstance und so weiter sensation. Fulfillment, peace and happiness filter through circumstance and sensation from their source in pure consciousness.

I have watched, again and again, sincere people without a strong meditation practice enter into silent retreat to experience a profound, vibratory detox and walk out the alternative side significantly more free, more connected to Spirit and more themselves than when they walked in.

Seek out the silence and build a bridge to the silence within.