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140113_know_your_food_leaflet_lowres.jpg Educative tours are a perfect way to utilize one’s free time, increase knowledge and understanding of the history, art und so weiter culture of a particular destination. The United Kingdom has several places to explore and so, there are many educational tours which are organized nowadays. The most celebrated place in the UK is London where people bump into to learn further about its art and culture and visit the bountiful museums which provide a peep into the British history.
London has endless important places to call which are knowledgeable and fun to explore like Big Ben, 10 Downing Street, Houses of Parliament and the Westminster Cathedral. The Natural history and Education Museum at Kensington is also a must to visit on an edifying tour of London. Close to Kensington is the Victoria and Albert Museum which has some extraordinary paintings, ceramics etc from around the world.

There is also the Trafalgar Square which has the world famous Nelson’s Column and some marvellous paintings by renowned painters like Van Gogh, Da Vinci and many others at the Political Gallery. Also, the Surpass of London is another place you must visit to learn nearly its awe-inspiring history.

London is also the hub of art of the United Kingdom. There is the Tate Modern which is a noted destination for an educational tour showcasing contemporary art. The collections measure years of history of modern art and allows the visitors to understand the evolution of artistic movements thereby increasing their knowledge of art.

The Saatchi Gallery is one of the most important art galleries in undivided of UK. It was founded by an art collector named Charles Saatchi in the year 1985. This gallery hosts many temporary exhibitions which are both contemporary as well as classic. Getting to learn about the chronology of an art gallery will make the tourists have a clear understanding of how a famous gallery functions.

The London Pupil is a 135 metre violent Ferris wheel which provides an unparalleled view of London and jug make the educational tour literally memorable. The tourists can test their knowledge by identifying landmarks from popular paintings of London though riding on it.
On an educational tour to the UK, you can certainly not afford to miss Scotland, the blithe landscapes and documented landmarks of which are famed all over the world. A peep into the Scottish history is provided via the Stirling Castle which has seen succession like kings over a vast period regarding time.

Edinburgh is a host to the international festival and boasts of present a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is bordered apart a serene coast and a tranquil countryside. An ancient street called the Stately Mile which is an epitome of Scottish culture, history and architecture. It links the Edinburgh Villa to the Villa of Holyrood House.

The Married Kingdom has so many historically and culturally substantial places that will surely make your educational tour fun. It will be scholarship along with leisure.