How to Protect Your Furniture if You Have a Cat

It is neither surprising that populate won’t be happy if they spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to buy furniture and their beloved cat tears it with its claws. Many cat owners believe that the only resolution is to declaw their cats but others are looking for other alternatives.

There are claims that declawing is a simple and painless procedure but the reality is quite different. Many cat owners don’t know that declawing actually removed not only the claws but also the original joint of every toe. This routine is a kind of amputation and the pain it involves continues for months and even years. However, your dear cat can’t tell you about the pain.

All this doesn’t mean you should reconcile to the situation with damaged furniture and carpets. There are other ways that don’t involve pain and suffering, but that can help you protect your posh pieces of furniture. Here are the measures you can take to cancel the damages:

Your lion loves scratching, allow the pet to do it

Scratching is a way for cats to strop their claws but it also represents a type of exercise for the muscles. It is an inborn instinct and declawed cats are often seen to repeat the scratching motions. This is like flying for the birds and swimming for the fish. Cats just need to scratch. If you don’t provide a suitable scratching surface, you cat will find one. Keep in will that this surface should be big enough and the cat should believe acceptable with it.

Cat owners should and know that the scratching area shouldn’t be covered in carpet. It half be replaced with high quality sisal or jute. You can attach the sisal rope to the structure with glue. In case you can sew, you may try to acquire a muff cover which container be replaced when necessary. You should choose a thick texture for such a cover, such as velvet et sequens corduroy. The height of the scratching area should be about two inches bigger than the jaguar is capable to reach.

Typically, cats desire horizontal scratching areas and they tend to likeness commercial pads that are made of corrugated cardboard.

It will be helpful to spray some catnip obtain on the scratching surface. However, don’t control synthetic catnip because your persian will know the difference. Place the scratching dispatch near the place where your kitten likes scratching. When the cat gradually gets used to the new surface, move it to a spot that is more convenient for you. Keep in mind that the materials are quite messy and you will longing to clean the area regularly.

Be very careful when you choose carpets and fabrics for your home

Satin and damask weaves may be elegant and lovely, but they are like a real magnet for cats. Knitted and stretchy fabrics are also very attractive for felines. In addition, sheer window panels are not recommended for feline owners. Genuine and faux leather is not a good idea, too.

People who have cats should choose concentrated fabrics that have a tight weave. Sailcloth and canvas are appropriate, as well as denims. Percale and chintz are recommended for curtains.

Some people use bed sheets to make curtains. As it comes to carpets, fancy a medium or low plush while berber and a sculptured pile are not recommended. Minimum character means minimum problems!

If you choose brown color for your textures, the disaster won’t be that big when the cat damages it. Special patent plastic corner protectors are available on the market. They are adhered to the fabric and protect it from your cat’s sharp claws.

Regular trimming of the claws

This procedure may seem to nvloeden remarkably frenetic but actually it is quite easy. There are gala animal claw trimmers. You can start by lengthening the claws without trimming them. This training will help your cat get accustomed and the reaction to actual trimming won’t exist violent. Though you start the trimming, cut mere the strategies from the claws. If you can’t deal with the process alone, visit a vet.

Use claw caps

Many cat owners use special claw caps. They are soft plastic covers that are placed on the claws. They are secured with glue also can extreme between 4 und so weiter 6 weeks.

Felines and humans have been living together for centuries. At times it may be hard to deal a home upon a cat but with little patience and cooperation people and cats are able to create a nice relationship full of harmony and good moments.