How to Design a Golden Flame

How to Design a Golden Flame

Open Adobe Photoshop and open a new record which size I prefer 1200 * 800px, suddenly crowd the background opalescent by black color. On the background type, here who favor which font, doesn’t mater to select every font, I just wrote some texts onto it.

Now we are in postscript layer. I applied the layer blending options. From style pick outer glow, inner glow, bevel and emboss-contour, stroke.

Now set in the outer glow-structure-blend mode (screen), opacity (75%), noise (0%, noise always be 0 so that image looking clear), I choose color #a3b201. Into the elements techniques (softer), spread (0%), size (10px). Where set quality range (55%), jitter (0%).

In the inner glow-structure-blend mode (screen), opacity (65%), I choose color white. Into the elements techniques (softer), source (edge), choke (0%), and size (43px). Where set property range (55%), shiver (0%).

In the bevel and emboss, structure (inner bevel), technique (smooth), depth (134%), management (up), size (40px), soften (0%). Where I set shading angle (120 degree) also select use global light, attitude 30 degree, highlight mode (screen), opacity (75), shelter mode (multiply), opacity (75%).

Set divisor the contour range 40%.

For stroke set structure (size (3px), position outside, blend mode normal, opacity 55%) and in the fill type set color #efa1a1. Here you saw an effect on your image.

Copy this layer 5 times. Intended for every duplicate layer, delicately regulate every layer’s appointment on the image; here for creating more depth just alter opacity of each duplicated layer.

Again copy that workbook layer once. Rasterizing the copied text layers in the mean time merge all the duplicated layers as one. Onto the merged layer I apply the Gaussian Blur Settings. Where set radius 6.6px.

Merge layer to “Hard Light” from blending mode and set it appoint to another name where I set “Glow”. This will prolong to use the layer used for the next step.

In this step duplicate this “Glow” layer more than 2 times, it can be 3 times. Here from higher to lower, adjust every layer’s opacity and blending mode.
At the Copied layer 1: set Blending mode at vivid light, where Opacity (90%).
For copied layer 2: set Blending mode at overlay, where Opacity (80%).
For copied layer 3: set Blending look at soft light, where Opacity (70%).
“Soft Smoke texture” Load into the Photoshop, with a 20px feather setting use the Lasso Tool, from kill texture select a portion, onto the text document counterfeit and paste it. Use the Free Transform tool from edit- Free Transform or (Ctrl +T) to rotate the texture until get your effect.
This layer saved name as “Flame”, duplicate it a minute number of time. Use the Free Transform tool to rotate and resize, so that the shape of every layer differs from each other. And this is applied on each duplicated layer. Furthermore ensure the Smoke Warp And Woof cover up the whole text area.
Amalgamate those duplicated layers since the previous step where save its name as “Flame”. Merged the layer to “Hard Light” changed the blending mode.
In this layer, adjust the Hue and Imbibition et cetera for decided this press Ctrl+U. In where have to set Hue (+60), saturation (-20) et al lightness (0).

At a stalemate on the “Flame” layer, profit a soft round brush with different flow and use opacity to create depth.

Now duplicate these “Flame” layer 3 epochs. Here set down the layer blending mode of the replacement layers from bottom to top the same as “Hard Light”, “Overlay”, and “Overlay”.

Now we include a quantity about smoke in the region of the text then it doesn’t appear too isolated. For doing this, copy the “Flame” layer more than one time, drop the mask. Desaturate these photocopy layers, change fad to “Screen” and decrease the opacity to around 30% from the blending mode.