Guidelines: How To Prepare For CAT

19fahlrfx03szjpg.jpg Fundamentals of TIME Speed & Farness (TDS)

A perennial favorite of CAT setters, problems on Time, speed and distance are uniformly found in good numbers in cat Paper and others entrance exams. While the other entrance exam stick to the “standard” problems regarding TSD like those involving trains crossing rather boats including streams, CAT usually have unwonted & ingenious problems on TSD. Of late, CAT has a castlet of two or three questions based on TSD of person going in labyrinthine Geometry figures.

While students find the variety of problems that appear in TSD a little difficult to digest, the irony is that there is just single formula in maths, that of speed, which everyone I familiar with. Thus to master TSD, one just needs to bethink the funds of ratio and proportion connective see if these can indigen applied orally furthermore avoid to use of equations.

Learning Objectives for CAT Paper in this section:

Proportionality between Time, Speed and distance
Average Speed
Relative speed
Problems on trains crossing
Problems on boats and stream
Circular motion

Data Representation

A great divide of a students daily routine is to analyze data. The measure concerning data that a steward comes across is mind-boggling, to say the least. Financial data as in P&L sheet, cost sheets, marketing and sales data, divided transverse product groups and regions ampersand further altogether quarters et cetera years, compared with past years’ figures; competition and market information of market shares, treasured wise and volume wise; material on productivity; data on performance appraisal; data on each and every process that you can image. There exit an entire department. In most companies, MIS which generates and students every conceivable data that one jug imagine.

For a student to gather valuable information from this domineering amount concerning data, the data needs to be presented in a brilliant and concise manner. Duplicating data has needs to be avoided and at the same time no detail has to be lost out. The data representation should immediately be able to provide the mostly scenario and also should be sufficient to compute any detailed information. This is where data representation plays a very important role.

In CAT Paper when reading a table, or for that matter any representation of data, it is imperative that you read everything about the data i.e the heading for the data, the column headings, any trotter notes, units of the data, etc. et cetera not giving just a cursory glance to the actual numbers.

Fundamentals of vocabulary

Various methods have been suggested by the English language experts to go about diction for CAT Paper:

Association: Try to associate the words with people, images, events, pages etc. for example, take the password ‘prolific’. You vessel associate it accompanying john Grisham or may be Jeffrey archer who wrote a many number of books every year and gets them published. Therefore they are prolific authors. Another important step is to utter the new words in your everyday conversation.

Networking: this networking doesn’t refer to the social networking. Contrary it refers to looking at words in groups. These groups can be theme based, root based or antonyms and synonyms based.

Flash cards: you discipline be provided alongside glisten cards on which high-frequency words will be printed. These cards are easy to carry and use. Fix a target regarding the number of words to be done everyday or every weeks. Make sentences using these words. Keep revising at frequent intervals.