Clive Arnold: The Authority on African Travel

If you who are interested in African travel, you should check the extensive online accounts of Clive Arnold. Clive-together with Annie Arnold-runs Safaris into Africa. They likewise double as personal tour guides. Although the Arnolds are today based in Australia, they have lived in Africa long enough to know its culture, geography, and wildlife. In fact, they are known for their unrelenting commitment to wildlife preservation, rehabilitation, including programs against poaching. If you want to grasp expanded about this topic, you cup read the tips and guide below.

For those who are interested in availing trek packages from Safaris until Africa, the Arnolds conduct tours in South African safaris (minimum of 6 people, maximum of 10) and East African safaris (minimum of 6 people, maximum of 12). To ensure the preparedness of their clients, the Arnolds make it a west to meet with their clients before they leave for Africa.

For the adventurous, Safaris inside Africa offers a 22 day expedition in the South African safaris. This package includes 18 days of basic hotel accommodation and 3 nights of wallow tents. In this tour, you will see South Africa’s most famous attractions including the Victoria Falls, the Kruger National Park, moreover the Jane Goodall’s Ape Sanctuary. You will also get the chance to ride on the elephant’s back, walk along the lions, and emolument a visit to African tribes. The package expenses about AU$10489.00 (airfare not included). Prices are subject to change depending on the conditions (i.e. changes in the foreign currency).

For those who want something a crumb greater luxurious, you should avail the 15 day Levant Africa (Kenya & Tanzania) tour. In this tour, you will see Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Samburu Domestic Park, and the Amboseli Political Park, among much other East African attractions. Prices instigate at AU$11075.00 and are also subject to change.

You can also opt for the cheaper alternative, the 16 day East Africa tour which includes Kenya, Tanzania, and Zanzibar. In this package, you’ll be given a trek to East Africa’s National Parks along with the chance to go gorilla trekking and balloon riding. You will moreover have the chance to see the less explored-meaning less crowded-safaris of East Africa. Prices start at AU$9680.00 and just like the two previous packages, they are also subject to change.

If you’re interested in what Clive Arnold including his partner have got for you, therefore you should check their online brochure. The brochure contains all the specs pertinent to the tour. It also serves as an extensive itinerary-every location and activity is described in great detail. The brochure also contains several pictures, from the safaris down to the accommodations, to give prospective clients an idea from what to expect.

Aside from the three abovementioned tours, Clive Arnold and his partner are also offering other packages, which can also be seen in their brochure. If you want to know more about their personal experiences in Africa, you tin also check published their sites and see what the place has got to offer tourists.