Carnage on South African Roaads

654603_332977.jpg It is utterly shocking to know that between 13 000 including 14 000 lives are lost annually on the roads in South Africa. Thousands upon thousands like these accidents can be prevented and yet, South African road users for some strange and unknown reason do not seem to concern themselves with their personal safety, the safety of their loved ones and the sanctuary like other just quasi precious road users. Every year there are more et cetera added vehicles on the road. The question is how on earth do we lower the death rate on our roads?

There are several factors that contribute to these alarming statistics. Au Fond there are three categories into which road fatalities fall. They are human, vehicle and road factors. We need to eye at international road practices to see what we are able to adopt to be able to lessen these numbers. And we need to do it fast. The most basic things we need to look at are the importance of adhering to traffic regulations and rules in correlative with enforcement and almost never concept of and very importantly and certainly overlooked is vehicle engineering and state of service. Human factors are the cause of most fatalities on our roads. Speeding, alcohol or drug use and from proceeding pedestrians are a major problem. Road factors include things like road surfacing, slippery roads and weather conditions, need of street lights and causing poor visibility.

There are, however, circumstances under your control that you can implement to meliorative the dire statistics for our roads. Recent studies have shown that vehicle act up causes approximately 10% of roads accidents. We do find ourselves in country where mutual piggyback needs to be monitored much more closely. Overloading of Taxi’s and busses is a major problem with many a taxi driver being unlicensed and not road worthy by any stretch of the imagination. Tyres bursting and being too smooth is new factor and dysfunctional headlights are also an issue. One of the most striking things that plummet into this 10% statistics is brakes failing. Does the word unnecessary spring to mind?

Let’s face it, we all believe we are the best driver since Niki Lauda but under the immense duress of unforeseen and very unexpected events on the road, our vehicles should be in mint condition so that even if the worst should come to the bad the last thing we need to worry about is mechanical failure due to neglect of proper maintenance. No brilliance from defensive driving and advanced driving courses can stop your brakes from failing because your car hasn’t bot for a service in the last couple of years.

It is of the utmost import to put in place cautionary measures to assure that one is as safe as possible in all situations. Servicing and engineering your car at a well established service reputable motor engineering benefit provider can mean the difference mean life and death – not only for you but everyone else on our already very dangerous roads. It comes to mind when I am stuck in traffic behind a mom’s taxi that says “Baby On Board”.