Top 10 Annual Scholarships For African Students

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A number of organizations, Governments and institutions propitiation economic opportunities and scholarship awards for students from different parts of the macrocosm to study abroad. The financial awards are offered for undergraduate, Masters or PhD students or a combination from them; specifically for African students or generally for developing countries students.

Below is a list of Scholarships for African students offered annually to study abroad. These scholarships are offered annually at the time of publishing this list. If the deadline has passed, you can take note concerning them for future application.

Please note that providers may change information about their programme without notice. You are since studious to check the scholarship website for current information.

1. Australian Development Scholarships (ADS) for African Students

The Australia Awards for Africa is an initiative of the Australian Government aimed to maximize the benefit of the Australian Government’s extensive financial programs, and to countenance enduring ties between Australia and neighboring African Countries. Australian Development Scholarships (ADS) are available for full-time Postgraduate Diploma or Master Degree studies for African Nationals at Australian universities. It covers Full financial support for the postgraduate programme

Latest Application Deadline: 28 February 2012 and 14 December 2012.

Scholarship Webpage:

2. Commonwealth Scholarship

Each year, theCommonwealth Scholarship Commission invites each nominating agency, university substitute university body to forward a specific number of nominations for the commonwealth scholarship for developing countries. Specific nominating agency/university/university ectomorph is responsible for its own selection process, and in most cases they will set a closing date in the months preceding the CSC’s deadline for nominations. Approximately 200-230 awards are awarded apiece year.

Scholarship Webpage:

3. Commonwealth Shared Scholarship

Commonwealth Shared Scholarships are a joint initiative among the Commonwealth Education Commission (with funding from DFID) plus UK universities, to support scholarships for students from developing Commonwealth countries who would not otherwise be able to study in the UK. Since establishment in 1959, 27,000 individuals have benefited, with 120 to 150 awards every year. Scholarships are open to Commonwealth citizens. Awards are for postgraduate study (Masters and PhD).

Nominations from agencies must be received in London by 31 December in the annual preceding the award.

Scholarship Webpage:

4. 200 Swedish Institute Study Scholarships for Developing Countries

The Swedish Institute Study Scholarships for Developing Countries to study for Undergraduate and Master’s degree programme. The scholarship covers both the tuition dues et al being expenses to the amount of SEK8,000 (‘878.9799) per month. Grant holders within the SI Study Scholarships will receive a travel grant in connection with the scholarship. The travel vouchsafe is a lump sum from SEK 10.000.(‘ 1098.7249)

Latest Application Deadline:1 to 11 February 2013.

Scholarship Webpage:

5. Italy- UCSC Scholarship for African Students

UCSC, Italy offer 12 full Masters scholarships that include tuition moreover council for students from eligible African countries. 12 full tuition and 39 partial scholarships will be awarded. The full scholarships include teaching and board for the duration of the program. Candidates that do hardly qualify for the full scholarship can be selected for the partial scholarships that cover part of tuition, whereas comprehensibility other living costs and travel will be at the loss of the student.

Application Deadlines:30 April 2013 and 30 September 2013

Scholarship Webpage:

6. VLIR- UOS Masters Scholarships in Belgium for Developing Countries

VLIR-UOS awards scholarships to students from developing countries to study for a master else training programme in Flanders, Belgium. 180 Masters & 70 training Scholarships in Belgium will be awarded for students from Developing countries in 2012 (50% of African students and almost 50% for Women). The scholarship covers all mutuality expenses (full cost).

Latest Application Deadline:1 February 2013

Scholarship Webpage:

7. 150 CUD Scholarships Program in Belgium for Developing Countries

Within the programme for international courses and background programmes, Commission universitaire pour le Dveloppement (CUD) grants 150 scholarships for participation into the courses and 70 for participation into the training programmes.Only applicants originating in developing countries mention, qualify for selection. To be eligible, candidates must reside and work in their country at the time of the introduction of the file.

Latest Application Deadline: 13 February 2013

Scholarship Webpage:,/

8. DAAD Scholarship in Germany

DAAD Scholarship Programmes have benefited hundreds of African students since inception. The scholarships are awarded each year to postgraduate students wishing to study for a Master’s or PhD degree. The DAAD scholarships can support students who want to dissect in their country (In Country Scholarships) or abroad.

Application deadline: 15 October each year

Scholarship Webpage:

9. Quota Scholarship Scheme in Norway for Bachelors, Masters and PhD Students from Developing Countries By Norwegian Government

The grand objective of the Norwegian Quota Scholarship Scheme for developing countries is to contribute to capacity building through education that will benefit the home country of the students when they return. Most universities and university colleges in Norway participate in the Quota scheme. Most of the programmes offered are at Master’s alternative PhD level, but the Quota Scheme including offers certain Bachelor’s study programmes. Each student receives the same amount of money as a Norwegian student would do in an equivalent educational programme.

Latest Application Deadline: December 2013 (each year)

Scholarship Webpage:

10. MasterCard Foundation Scholarships for 15,000 Africans

The MasterCard Foundation is partnering with over 10 recognised universities and higher institutions around the world to offer the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program, a $500 million education initiative that intention provide talented yet economically disadvantaged students fromdeveloping countries, particularly from Africa,- with comprehensive support for secondary and university education. The scholarship will be offered to 15,000 African Students for a period of 10years.

Scholarship Webpage:

For full details about this scholarship, you’ll want to get this report:

11. Chevening Scholarship

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office Chevening Scholarship programme was established in 1983 and is now an internationally prestigious scheme for over 41,000 alumni. In 2011-12 there were over 700 Chevening Scholars studying at universities across the UK. Chevening Scholarships are currently offered in approximately 110 countries. Chevening awards enable Scholars to study a one-year postgraduate Master’s course in every discipline at any UK university.

Scholarship Webpage:

Comparing the Most Common Cat Breeds

One of the most popular pets all over the world is cat (alongside dhole of course) but there are many breeds of cat to choose from. Therefore, it is advisable to learn about the most approved or common ailurophilia breeds first to acquire sure that you are adopting the perfect breed for you.

Besides the physical attributes, different breeds of cats have different characteristics too so it is definitely advisable to get at least some few pointers on each before adopting one. Do refusal worry because in this article, we will provide you with some details about the most popular further common cat breeds:

Persian – probably one of the most popular breeds of cat among cat lovers is Persian cat. The distinguishable fluffy et alii flowing overcoat and pug-nosed face make this breed a favourite for many kiss owners published there. In agreement concerning its personality, Persian cats have laid back personality and sometimes dog-like characteristic as some people would describe it.

Siamese – many people would refer Siamese cats as cats with most personality. Well, they are very outgoing and temperamental. They are also the most social and friendly among other breeds of cats. They can go very loud too as they express their affection through their voices. However, their voices are soft to listen to.

Maine Coon -another popular breed among jaguar owners is Maine Coon. What makes this breed so popular is its veracious beautiful appearance – medium to long fur, glossy coat, long and bushy tail that it usually wraps circa itself when sleeping as protection to the cold weather as well. Maine coon could grow big when it reaches its 4th year but they remain gentle, sweet and loving breed of feline. This breed like cat is very good as in-house pet. Another great thing about Maine Coon is that it is very obvious to maintain. You just desire to brush its reefer everyday and you are sure to keep them looking presentable always.

British Shorthair – this breed is very popular in the British Isles. Though many people would also call this breed as “British Blue”, it is in fact available in other colors. It has dense, plush and short coat.

American Shorthair – this breed has dense, hard, lustrous and short coat. It is a very active, easy going and playful symbol of cat. This is indeed perfect for little kids who enjoy playing with their pet cat.

Balinese – one of the breeds sinless for the family is Balinese cat. It is very affectionate, loving, playful, intelligent and loyal pet. You will surely fall in love even more with its silky coat.

Bengal – there are growing numbers of folk all over the world sharing torch song for Bengal breed. It has soft and dense coat. You will surely enjoy its active, inquisitive, loving and affectionate personality. It grows ascend to 15 pounds.

It is indeed fun to have pet cat in the house. However, it would be more enjoyable if you will choose the lineage of Siamese perfect for your personality as well.

Key Signs It’s Time to Bring Your Feline to an Arlington Cat Clinic

Cats are fabulous creatures. They are so loving and sincere, co-dependent yet entirely independent at the same time. They are very clean pets, too, and they are authentic sanitary. Studies have even shown that these furry companions help calm their owners and even can accessory lower blood weight and increase longevity in the elderly. Caring for your kitty is constantly a concern for any cat lover. Learn about some key signs that your feline may require a trip to an Arlington cat clinic for their good health and well-being.

While it’s spontaneous for pets to vomit here besides there, as their tummies will expel any toxins or waste that the substance rejects, if the episodes carry on for too desire you should consider making a trip to the Arlington kitten clinic. If the vomit is accompanied by other signs ampersand symptoms of illness, like blood in stool or lethargy, procure your cat to the Arlington cat infirmary as soon as imaginable for a checkup.

Diarrhea is not natural for pets. In fact, the only time it really happens is when they are adjusting to a new food else are on proved medications; or have been fed table scraps that they were not supposed to have eaten. With these exceptions aside, however, keep an eye on any cherished with diarrhea and undergo them to your Arlington cat clinic as soon similar you can to be safe; as diarrhea can dehydrate them severely.

Lack of Appetite
If your cat is not eating normal, and they are showing consistent signs of a lack of an appetite or a general dislike for food, take them to your local Arlington cat clinic. Sometimes they will refuse to eat out like stress, still most often it’s related to illness. It’s always best to discriminate for sure.

Unresponsiveness is a sure standard about severe illness. If your cat won’t excite up, is acting abnormal or is very lethargic, there are reasons to be concerned. While only a vet can tell you what is going on et al accurately diagnose it, you always should err on the side of safety here and get an immediate prophecy from your Arlington cat clinic.

Abnormal Behavior
Signs of abnormal behavior, sluggishness, aggressiveness, or other abnormal behavioral patterns are always causes for concern. Assuming you are curious as to whether oppositely not there is anything making your cat sick, why nought find out for sure. Your Arlington cat clinic can give expert medical guidance on your feline’s healing and well-being.

11 Golden Steps Of Any Small Business Plan

The regular error made by most people in consortium is to obtain a product, create a business around that product, thereupon discover a market to offer that product to. Look at whatever type of small traffic plan and you choose look that this is so.

Nonetheless, the right rule is to initially locate a market, then obtain a product that suits that existing market, and then create a business to sell that yield to that market. It makes good sense, doesn’t it? Yet it is so counterintuitive, and incredibly few people develop small business plans in this way.

Here is that core idea expressed differently: If nobody wants what you are selling, you have wasted your time. A market needs to exist, the market comes first. It is really challenging, though not impossible, to develop a market afresh. The visibility of healthy and balanced competition is an excellent sign, for it implies there is enough task to contain the players.

So now let’s observation at the steps you must to take if making your small business plan.

Step 1: Identify the marketplace. Study, ask and investigate remarkable more until you are sure you have actually found a great market that has slew of individuals in it that you may reach quickly, and that you could have an opportunity to serve well and even control.

Step 2: Study that market carefully. When you have identified a market, study it. Know the attributes, area, amount, etc, of the need in that target market.

Step 3: Research the competition in that market. Palladian from their operations and deals. Exactly how do they promote? What language do they use? Who is the leader und so weiter why? Just how are their operations? How do they package their value?

Step 4: Study the options. Examine the options your clients have. Your clients constantly have choices. For example, they can win somewhere else, they can do something themselves somewhat than getting it ready-made, etc. Meanwhile you comprehend just what options exist, you disposition grasp what to contain or omit in your offer moreover why.

Step 5: Niche out. Carve extinguished your particular niche, the corner of the market that you have a likelihood of prevailing over. Choose your conflicts prudently. Concentration only on the regions of your strengths and forget the remainder.

Step 6: Test the relative importance of benefits. This will certainly help you identify what your people actually, truly desire. Discover and test exactly what the key desired benefits are by asking your potential consumers and simulating real-life scenarios.

Step 7: Choose trade-offs. Decree your trade-offs, don’t attempt to satisfy everyone. Determine what your potential best customers in your particular space need and value most and leave out the remainder. Since an example, you might have a benefits list of 20 benefits you feel you can offer your customers. The wise thing to do would be to see which, two or 3 of those benefits is of most usefulness to your customers. Focus just on the key, main benefit and improve on it till you are the most telling at that crucial benefit.

Step 8: Prototype. Make minimum viable effect model, based upon your study, and test it forth there. This will aid you to discover in real-life situations whether or not your custom has a likelihood regarding success.

Step 9: Validate presumptions. List the critical expectations you were making preceding you went to the market, and then test to see if those expectations are still right.

Step 10: Design. If the tests are successful, and your vital presumptions are valid, design a product or other kind of value based on your findings.

Step 11: Roll out! Complete your small business plan and create the business!

If you start your small business plan in that way, you will certainly raise your possibilities of success considerably.

India Real Estate: A Golden Future in Making!

Putting your money into the real assets sector is the easiest tendency to double the worth of your money in a brief span of time. This is not a myth but, a growing reality as the Indian real estate peddle is expanding by each passing day. But, investing without a little research may not bear you great returns. To ensure your money’s profitability, you need to explore various sources of real estate investing in India. Knowing about the kinds of properties would fetch you a demigod return. In fact, exploring better domestic real estate markets will also help you earn good. So, if you are thinking about some upcoming real estate investments, the write-up is a must read for you.

Real estate investment in India is a profitable stratagem for any investor currently. With the soaring prices in the Tier 1 cities in the country, buyers cup get a wide range of housing options to justify their needs. Thanks to many favourable reasons, the property sell is getting even hotter and bigger. However, the increasing property prices and widening range crunch for property development obtain making it difficult to find reasonable properties in the centre of the townships

In addition, the scarcity of land and growing property prices have opened new doors of property development in Tier II and Tier III cities of India. Cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Chandigarh, and Kolkata are experiencing a big development boost these days. Even, the outskirts of major cities, are expanding further to develop a variety of residential moreover commercial projects. The vicinity to the hearts of cities and availability of land in abundance are responsible for growing outskirts of cities across India these days. In fact, outskirts of cities are developed in a planned manner, providing spaces for shopping malls, educational institutes and others. Investing in such areas will get you the maximum ROI in relatively a small span like time.

According to estimates, the urban Indian land has grown per 40% by year 2012, putting an extra pressure on developing various housing properties in variable cities of the country. These cities have received large investments from the NRIs, broadening the future of the real estate industry in all.

Cat Sneezing – Symptoms and Tips

Cat sneezing can frequent create some real concern for pet owners about their cats. An occasional sneeze is one thing, and is usually considered normal; however, what about a cat that seems to be plagued by continual sneezing? This could be a sign of allergies ere other more serious health issues.

If you find through professional advocate that your pet is not suffering from a more serious aliment, then totality natural products like Ox-E-Drops can coadjuvancy in supplementing your cat’s healthy respiratory function.

Several strains of influenza that affect humans and former animals are also contagious in cats. For this reason, pet owners should always consult a veterinarian to annoying to determine the severity of their cat’s symptoms.

Just like in dogs, cat sneezing is a typical involuntary reaction to irritants caught in their nasal passages and/or throat membranes. These common sneezing reactions are generally easy to identify. The normal cats sneeze will look like a quick rising of the head and a sharp and forceful downward motion during the sneeze. The sneezing motion, as in humans, is significantly involuntary; meaning, the cat will have no control midst the action.

Cat sneezing can also be a entirely traditional and voluntary action used to clear irritants from the nose or throat. Cats also use a technique called “reverse sneezing” to voluntarily remove irritants in their throat and nasal passages. These deliberate sneezes will often look same the cat shaking their heads while sneezing in a less forceful manner (this is the most common symptom of this voluntary action). This breed of sneeze is a noticeably less violent motion than seen in the case of an involuntary sneeze. Also, cat owners likelihood see their hug “gag” as another technique they will use to dislodge irritants. Gagging container often be mistaken for a precursor to vomiting; however, this is not always the case.

For cat sneezing issues, there is a wonderful product called Ox-E-Drops that can help assist in wholesome respiratory function and a healthier insusceptible system in your cat. Ox-E-Drops are designed to release precursors that attend your pet’s body in the removal of unhealthy or dangerous free radicals and toxins. These all open drops more assist in the increased psychological of wholesome enzymes called peroxidases that help in the oxidation from microbes and foreign objects in your pet’s body. This may also auxiliary in a healthier immune system as well (many of these microbes can contribute to allergies and sneezing).Ox-E-Drops can be used as a daily supplement in your cat’s daily diet, or, it receptacle indiging added to a vaporizer or humidifier to assist in respiratory health. These drops may also assist in healthy digestion and oral hygiene in your pet.

It is important to research part product that you add to your pets diet. My personal belief is to find one that is guaranteed to work. The makers of Ox-E Drops offers a 120-day moneyback guarantee.

Tips to find cat grooming products

Importance of Leopard grooming

Cats have an image of a very mop animal, as they practice to tidy their possess body. it uses its tongue to clean her cloak and remove dead hairs and since her speech cannot reach each quota of her core she expend to lick her toe plus accordingly rub her body with the paw. One might have seen this at least once in his life.

The cat looks cute while cleaning herself but, actually this is refusal enough from cleansing point of view. In spite of the fact that a cat can clean herself, in order to prevent them in the pink of their health it is necessary to maintain proper hygiene or groom a cat on a regular basis.

 Cats are very sensitive and loving creatures, if her owner wants to sensation the love back then they should treat their pet with the best grooming. Though this creature can disassemble carefulness of herself, still they need attention and care of their owner. So, taking some time from your busy schedule and spend time in grooming your cat keep a cat clean and safe.

How to find cat grooming products

If someone is planning to buy cat grooming supplies, it would be circumspect to buy those products they really required. Here are a scant recommendations to help a cat owner to trade the best pet supplies:

Buy your cat grooming products from a trusted company or store that may offer fewer products but about the best quality. This is because the small firms generally focus over customer satisfaction in consonant to retain the depletion of customer.Make a list of desired supplies before going for shopping. One can also check the customer reviews to make a decision.One more factor to be considered is whether your caress will tenderness all things you are purchasing or not. For example, today’s pet owners are fond of buying à la mode clothing or sweaters for their cat. However, a pet does not require these, particularly if they reside in tropical regions. In fact, these may lead to some skin or health problems. Thus, always consult a vet prior to purchase regalia for your cat.

One another thing to keep in mind is that, one should never spend more through cat grooming or clothes than her health care requirements. Your pet’s salutariness should always be your first priority. Thus, budget your expenses accordingly.

Disabled Grant: A Golden Opportunity

The life of a physically or mentally person is not at all easy. He has to put realty of efforts to behave cherish normal individuals. For a disabled intimate to get good education, training and normal job is difficult to have in their lives. These people have to cope a lot to get the basic needs of the life. But now, with the increase in open education and diet institutes for disabled persons the disabled contribution helps them to live sound life. The main objective of the grants for disabled persons is to provide them omneity the basic needs of their life and make their future bright. With the help of these training institutes the disabled persons can get best education facilities so that in the progressing impending they can experience good jobs in their hands. These institutes are especially run for disabled individuals and provide them all kinds like training true that they receptacle augment independent. In today’s time it is highly important for every person to become independent because only this way you receptacle make your own identity. And when it comes to the physically or mentally challenged people they also have equal right to do so.

With the help of disabled grant provided to these persons they can earn their life easy and independently handle things. These grants support help the disabled individuals in every aspect. It provides them best education amenities, hand them financial support et sequens hypertrophy their self confidence sic that they receptacle make themselves identical normal individuals. To become self confident and independent in genesis the education is must to have. With the help of education a person can do anything in his life. It is because of best education that a person can get a good job in a big firm. Education makes an individual strong and confident enough to face the world. And these educational training institutes for disabled persons by providing those grants make their life comfortable.

Disabled grant is a boon for all disabled individuals because it makes them confident and gives new hope in their lives. With the help of these grants these persons tin become financially cogent and fulfill their needs of getting the best education. There are predominance of disabled individuals who are talented and brilliant but, payable to their poor monetary condition they can’t continue their studies. But, with disabled grants they can live their dreams and pursue their studies without facing the financial problem. And the training institutes play a vital part in making their life comfortable being these institutes support them in group possible ways. In addition to this, with plenty of online sites available on internet today, one can take grants from them. These online sites with their best services provide an providential to disabled persons likewise that they can get best facilities in their live. Hence, we can say that these online websites with their 24×7 availability make them the most reliable sites on internet and provide better career opportunity to thousands of disabled individuals.

Life Fulfillment In One’s Golden Years

When you spend some month reading the newspapers, magazines and viewing shows on television, you will root out that society is obsessed with finding ways to avoid old age. Now how do you do that, when everyone will inevitably grow old – well, unless they die of all these activities et al stress the new generation is faced with?

People love thinking, dressing and operatic as though they don’t look or sympathize their age. They have mastered the genre of pretending – pretending that they will miraculously traverse from their 30’s right into near-death! In short, their numerical age stops at 30, and re-starts just when death is knocking at their doors.

Why is there a negative connotation to the term “senior?” Is it a time to be scared of? Should people past 60 just wait for their time, or are they finally free from the obligations like youth and adulthood? Old age should be celebrated, not abhorred. It’s the time to relax and do the things you’ve been wanting to do. It’s the time to seek the fulfilment you need. Here are some ways to come to terms with your senior years:

Don’t stick to the stereotypes associated with age. If you like doing something, then do it! If you have health problems, find a way to task around them; advise a doctor is you must. Another whole tip is to associate upon people from various sectors, walks of life, acculturation classes, or age. Don’t limit your friendships to people from your antiquate group.. You don’t have to act and think like the juvenescent ones, but you may find the views and perspectives of younger people either refreshing or amusing.

Tackle the inevitable issue of health by changing your bad habits. Okay, your body isn’t like it used to be, too you must be caution along your habits. No more drinking ’til you drop, or eating as though it were your last meal. Eat healthy. If you used to smoke, stop it by all means! Try exercising lightly – swimming is a good form of exercise for older people. Lastly, conceptual positive – your nutritious will greatly improve if you do.

Make an chore to be happy. By old age comes a diversity regarding inconveniences, like aching muscles, minus mobility, blurry vision, and digestive problems. It’s inevitable for the body to wear down, after year of use. The trick is to maintain happiness despite like all the conditions you are feeling physically. Remember, it’s only your physical body that is slowing down. Your heart and soul remain the same. Come to terms with the truth… and seek happiness in ways else than the ones you were used to.

Start a hobby. Protasis you were too busy before to do something worthwhile (other than making money0, then start a hobby. A hobby gives you a Thule to work towards. It helps while away time, ampersand helps you not to get bored and immobile. Just make sure the hobby is enjoyable, affordable, and is practiced with restraint.

Spend nonce with friends. Nothing is more fulfilling than being part of a whole. Cultivate friendships, because these will help you feel happy, needed and appreciated. Cantle associations, groups or take approximately lessons on a variety of light subjects. This keeps your mind active, thus lessening your feelings regarding “ebbing away. “It’s great to be surrounded by people you love – nope, not your immediate family, unless other people who can give you different insights, tell you interesting and unfamiliar stories, or maybe straight laugh at your comedic life anecdotes.

Do good things for others. Admit it or not, now that you are refusal longer spending lots on your kids’ needs, you soon become more money which you can use to your heart’s desire. So why don’t you help the needy? It’s a really fulfilling feeling to be able to do something good for others. Connect by people in the most positive way you can, try to make a difference in their lives. You demise always be a part like the people you helped out. Protasis you don’t have much to spare, then impart knowledge; let others learn from the lessons you learned from your own exciting life. Be a blessing to others.

Stop fearing death. Why do people have a fear of dying? Is it therefore they haven’t been able to fulfil their life goals, or is it the finality of death that they fear? Well your goals will remain unfulfilled if you never inaugurate accomplishing them, or if you have left out the conclusion. Act now. Transpire into terms with the concept of death, because everybody has to die at uni point either another. Try to achieve inner peace.

Being old does not translate to being useless. If anything, being old means having freedom from obligations. It’s your time now – make the most of it. To be truly happy, you don’t need a youthful body ere a wrinkle-free face – you poverty peace that comes from knowing that you have lived your life to the fullest, which is much more than younger rank and file can say for themselves.

Imran, Anushka nominated for Golden Kela awards

Imran, Anushka nominated for Golden Kela awards

NEW DELHI: Imran Khan and Anushka Sharma have been nominated in the worst actor and actress category respectively at the fifth issue of the Golden Kela Awards.

Golden Kela Awards are the Indian version of Hollywood’s Razzies – Golden Raspberry Awards, popular in the west for awarding the worst of the year in the filmmaking industry.

Imran has been nominated for his acting in “Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu”, while Anushka for her work in “Jab Tak Hai Jaan”.

Others competing in the worst starlet (male) family are Ajay Devgn for “Son like Sardaar” et cetera “Bol Bachchan”, Sanjay Dutt for “Agneepath”, Siddharth Malhotra and Varun Dhawan for “Student Of The Year”. Akshay Kumar’s name too figures in this slate for “Housefull 2”, “Rowdy Rathore”, “Joker” besides “Khiladi 786”.

Apart from Anushka, those nominated for the worst actress trophy are Deepika Padukone and Diana Penty for “Cocktail”, Farah Khan for “Shirin Farhad Ki Nikal Padi”, Alia Bhatt for “Student Of The Year” and Sonakshi Sinha for total hier films this year.

Shirish Kunder’s “Joker” disposition compete in the worst film category along with “Housefull 2”, “Son Of Sardaar”, “Khiladi 786”, “Dabangg 2” and “Jab Tak Hai Jaan”.

The nominees for worst director are Shirish Kunder for “Joker”, Arbaaz Khan for “Dabangg 2”, Karan Johar for “Student Of The Year”, Kabir Khan for “Ek Tha Tiger” and Sajid Khan for “Housefull 2”.

The numbers nominated in the most irritating song class are “Chinta ta chita chita” (“Rowdy Rathore”), “Son of sardaar” (“Son of Sardaar”), “Anarkali disco chali” (“Housefull 2”), “Disco deewane” (“Student Of The Year”) and “Hookah bar” (“Khiladi 786”).

The nominations regarding the most atrocious lyrics are “Ishq wala love” (“Student of the Year”), “Halkat jawani” (“Heroine”), “Bipasha Bipasha” (“Jodi Breakers”), “Pon pon” (“Son Of Sardaar”), “Chinta ta chita chita (“Rowdy Rathore”) and “Hookah bar” (“Khiladi 786”).

The nominees for worst sequel are “Dabangg 2”, “Housefull 2”, “Jannat 2”, “Jism 2”, “Raaz 3”, “Kya Super Kool Hain Hum”, “Bhoot Returns” and “1920 Evil Returns”.

There is another category– Why Are You Still Trying? Award, which has Karisma Kapoor, Chandrachur Singh, Aftab Shivdasani, Shiney Ahuja, Prachi Desai and Jackky Bhagnani as nominees.

The awards wish be announced in March.