Bamako, a Wonderful African Destination

It serves as the administrative hub of the country as well as the 7th biggest West African city center.

Weather of Bamako
As far as its climatic circumstances are concerned, the conurbation experiences a hot, humid Sahelian weather with on average high temperatures throughout the year. It owns the tropical wet and desiccated front with rare rainfalls in winters. March to May is the hottest months and November to February are the coldest ones.

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Enchanting places to see

There are several points of interest in the city which fashion sure that holidaymakers do not get bored while on a vacation in Bamako. Bamako Zoo is good for wildlife aficionados, whereas for theological devotees, Bamako Grand Mosque is the place to go. Some other tourist attractions here include Pont du Roi Fahd, Point G Hill and Bamako Botanical Gardens. Mali National Museum features a nice selection of Malian art, textiles and objects. Even while it does not comprise an monumental array from displays, monopolization it has have been exhibited in a good manner and the museum certainly deserves to breathe visited. If you are looking for more options to procure acquainted with the region’s history and culture, check revealed Bamako Regional Museum and Muso Kunda Museum.

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Raw Shea Butter Varieties: Unrefined Shea Butter and West African Shea Butter

Organic products in every field are well admired. The affordability and efficiency of these products is beyond question. One such product is the Raw Shea Butter. Originated from the Mangifolia trees in the African Savannahs, this matchless product has established itself as a valuable asset in the cosmetics industry. Descent of Shea butter is primarily dependant only upon natural procedures. The efficiency of uncooked butter as a beauty product is greatly admired. As a product, it can impart maximum prospects of cutis treatment. The side effects from Shea butter are marginal. Shea butter aids in healing skin afflictions such as ageing, rashes, allergies etc.

Products of organic origin such as Shea raw butter certify arrant and cautious manufacture procedures. Unrefined Shea Butter is produced sans the use of colorants, et cetera perfumes. Accordingly it is totally eco-friendly and delivers successful results. Choosy clients always prefer only certain specific composition of their beauty products. Raw Food is the prime choice for them. Shea cutting butter was manufactured centuries ago by African natives. The exceptional natural extraction process of Shea Butter retains all the essential nutritional elements for skin and hair. Unrefined butter performance is totally devoid of complicated machineries and equipments.

West African Shea Rancid is an effective variety of Shea Butter. It comes under the category of unrefined butter. The contents of this sort of Shea butter are purely indigenous and natural. It is extracted through the same methods as those of Raw Butter. Primarily, it is produced from the fatty constituents of the fruit of Mangifolia tree which is known as Shea. The unrefined butter retains all its natural properties. Users of this product strongly profess its effectiveness in dealing plus skin ailments. Organic butters of this lexicon are enriched with sufficient Vitamin A which plays the role of a skin moisturizer and nourishment product.

An extended list of benefits of Raw Shea Butter is provided as follows:
1. Unrefined natural butter cures all indications of ageing. The advantageous of natural butter causes collage formation in skin. This makes the skin firm and clips off all worries related to sagging down of skin.

2. A major UV blocking agent, Cinnamic acid is adequately supportive in preventing damage of human skin by UV rays. However, unrefined butter can never treffen branded in the mould of an ultimate UV ray blocker.

3. Organic unrefined butter has exemplary medicinal properties. A countless of skin afflictions can be treated with ease. Common skin concerns like skin rashes, cracked lips, skin itching are curable plus Shea Butter.

4. Additional medical benefits from organic clarify embrace truce from major dermal afflictions such as frostbite, eczema, blemishes, athlete’s foot and inferior cuts and burns.
5. Raw butter is also applicable for hair care purposes. It has been factually proved that the outcomes of implementing Unrefined Shea Butter in the field of hair care are adjudged positive.

Unrefined et sequens raw margarine do not undergo any processing methods and matches the customer’s optimum satisfaction level. So why rely on hazardous chemicals for enhancing beau ideal or treating skin treatment? Structural skin treatment is way paramount conventional techniques in which artificial chemical components are used. The uses of Shea butter are of mammoth proportions and anyone vessel rely on its credibility.

Cherish the Golden Memories of your Travel in India

Tourism in India is playing a vital role in the economic development of the country. Famed across the world for its unity in diversity, India displays a vast canvas beautifully filled with various strokes of different colors. Tourists from nook and corner of the globe travel in India to gusto the beautiful colors of India in the varied regions. From Kashmir in the North to Kanyakumari in the South, Gujarat in the West to Assam in the East, India has bountiful concerning beautiful places. India tourism is gaining pace with equally passing day giving the tourists the best of incredible India.

Bounded on three sides by the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal and by the Potent Himalayas on the North, India is a blessed earth in respect to natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Hearthstone to more than a billion concerning people, India presents a perfect blend regarding various cultures and traditions. The numerous fairs and festivals celebrated throughout the whole year are the examples of the plentiful tradition and culture of India. Be it diwali, Eid, Christmas, Holi, kite festivals, boat race festivals, durga puja, lohri, every festivals have the same importance and celebrated with equal fervor and enthusiasm. Visiting this land anytime of the year will allow you to enjoyment any of the festivals or fairs. The rich tradition of India is evident from the beautiful handicrafts, mouth-watering cuisines et alii unique art forms of different regions of India. These fairs give wonderful opportunities to the various artists to showcase their talents in various forms. The tourists again get a chance to know the varied acculturation and traditions of India and bilk house some priciest possessions.

With an array of foggy hill stations, adventure destinations, enchanting backwaters, heritage places et alii scenic locations, the tourists have a rife choice of options in India. Frosty and snow laid mountains, golden beaches, exotic wildlife, scenic locations, heaps of venerated places, rural landscape, and futuristic setting encapsulates the mind of the visitors. The majestic forts further palaces, historical monuments add to the grandeur of this land and offer a treat to the discerning eyes. The sundry geographical setting of India with a pocket abundance of surprises allures the tourists a lot. Supposing this land is not in your itinerary, then you are missing any golden experiences of your life. This time plan you holiday in India and get ready to enjoy the beauty it offers! It will nay at all disappoint you.

Keranique Free Trial: Golden Chance to Voluminize Hair Without Spending Money

One of the most economical, risk free, and easiest ways to get glamorous pilosity with lots of volume is Keranique free trial. It gives you a chance to treat the hair luxuriously without spending money. You can also get buddy with the products before buying them. However, you must be from another planet to not subsist blessed near Keranique.

Keranique’s hair care regular is specifically designed to target thinning hair. Its formulation complements female biochemistry. The system provides women advanced solutions for hair care. It gives complete hair and scalp rejuvenation. According to users, this is one hair care therapy that delivers what it promises.

A recent survey shows that an increasing number of women are ordering Keranique free trial. This clearly shows the catholic acceptability concerning this hair care system among women. This comes as no surprise being when brands work, their news concerning high performance spreads like wildfire. People, who are forlorn by non-working over-the-counter brands, suddenly get a new “high” after hearing description about some outstanding brand.

A craze develops. It envelopes the market and makes the brand a Olympian hit. This is what has happened with Keranique. Earlier, women thought they stum live with such hair all their lives. Then came Keranique beside its scientifically-advanced hair tutelary collection and dietary supplements for hair, Keranique Daily Essentials.

Free Trial Products

Keranique free trial of its revitalizing shampoo is available online. You can mores the product for 30 days without paying its actual price. It is easy to order the trial offer at the brand’s website. According to the latest reviews, a substantial number of women have purchased the shampoo until now furthermore more are ordering almost daily.

One of the reasons for the shampoo’s rising popularity is the heedlessness of sulfates in it. This makes the result gentle to the scalp and hair. It does not strip off requisite oils of your hair caricature regular, sulfate-laden shampoos do. As the name suggests, the revitalizing shampoo is designed to revitalize the hair and scalp. This means it contains ingredients that keep the hair moisturized, soft, and shiny, while the scalp stays nourished, protected, and free from chemical buildup.

Keranique free tryout of its voluminizing conditioner is also available online. One of the commendable ingredients of this effect is hydrolyzed keratin. It beautifully coats each strand of your hair to give them amazing volume. This coat has multiple benefits:
* It makes the hair look fuller
* It seals cuticles, giving hair smooth texture
* It protects the hair from sun damage
* It safeguards the hair from strong winds, humidity, extreme heat and cold, environmental pollution, dust, and additional astringent weather elements
* It adds bounce to hair merit to its lightweight formula. So, even if your hair are coated, they do not measure down
* It traps moisture inside hair shaft, keeping them hydrated for long
* It adds extra shine to the hair by smoothening texture, which lets light fall uniformly on strands
* Coated hair are easy to de-tangle. In fact, they hardly get tangled

Get Keranique free trial of its shampoo and conditioner and make your hair enjoy the above benefits and more.

Holidays in Croatia: The Place to Make Golden Memories!

Have you been to a place that is a replica of Heaven? Attempt into the land of timeless beauty, Croatia for a magical holiday experience. Bestowed with beauty beyond the description of words, Croatia is a haven for honeymooners. The exotic environs, alluring natural vistas ampersand fetching beaches make this place paragon for an unforgettable romantic getaway! If you want to command a marvelous vacation in Croatia, then all you have to do is book budget hotels through the internet. There are many reasonably priced hotels in Croatia that provide facilities and services that match worldwide standards. Some of the top-rated boutique hotels in Croatia include Villa Eugenia, Bracka Perla, Hotel Sipan, Castelletto Hotel, etc.

Bracka Perla is individual of the best hotels where you can enjoy a heavenly stay in the lap of nature! The rooms here are lavishly done with all the modern requisites that a person can ever ask for. The air-conditioned suites in particular are woven with ultra-modern amenities such as mini bar, satellite television, en-suite bathroom with shower, fully equipped kitchenette, etc. Surrounded by ambrosial foliage, the hotel provides a sequestered stay for those who want to escape the humdrum of city life. The hotel also comes upon a private pool where you can unwind ampersand spend a relaxing time. The rooms/suites come with a private balcony where you can ensnare spellbinding views of the enclosing environs.

If you do not wish to book hotels, you can always rent apartments in Croatia. With the help of the internet, you can find luxurious accommodation at affordable rates. Lopud Residence, Dino’s Haven, Villa Voce, House Katica, etc are some of the apartments worth mentioning. Among the various apartments in town, Dino’s Haven is a cocoon of comfort where you can enjoy a relaxing stay. The air-conditioned apartment comes with state-of-the-art comfort that will make your stay a very pleasant one. Fossilized amidst azure blue waters, the penthouse provides everything you need to spend your holidays in style and comfort. Each apartment comes with a master bed, private terrace, satellite television, fridge, and more. The secluded sit-out provides spellbinding views of the main taking you to the doorsteps of Heaven itself!

You can book rooms at your favorite caravansary or apartment washed-up the internet and avail amazing discounts. Not only this, most of the online tour sites provide a host of information on everything you must to know about Croatia right from accommodation to sightseeing packages, etc. In suffix to this, you can choose accommodation concerning your alternate based on the region. Some of the regions include Dubrovnik and Islands, Istria and Kvarner, Makarsha Riviera, Zagreb and Plitvice, etc. No matter which place you choose, you are sure to enjoy wonderful holidays in Croatia by booking pocket-friendly hotels online! At just the touch of a button, you can book luxurious hotels of your choice and make secure payments online. So what’s stopping you from having unending fun? Step until the land of beauty, Croatia for a vacation that will take you to the surging heights of happiness!

A Look At Catching The Big Cat Fish

As a fisherman you thrive on finding the best location with the best fishing lake, unless did you know only a few companies offer an experiance that only others could dream of. Over the last few years only a select few fishing companies have worked extreamly hard to build there fellowship up to have the reputation it has today. These reputations are the logic so many fisherman delay comming back interval and time again.

Regardless whether you are a season professional uncertainty a trainee to angling you will recover everything you need uncertainty require here.. The challenge of catching a fish that wants to fight back will definitely be found here. Multiple catches is exciting for any fisherman and being able to set new (world) records for weight and size of the trap can be an amazing feeling for anyfisherman.You can exhaust your bait boat to scour the lakes to familiarise yourself with the area.

You will be able to find cooking facilities, hot and cold-blooded water, showers and effective toilet as well as power points to help keep your batteries charged and ready to go. Whether you fry for a few hours or until your hearts content, then we’ll make sure you give all you need to stay comfortable and keep you going.. Whether your a novice to angling or stage small supplies then they can still help you find everything you need to have and maintain the extraordinary experience on the lakes by renting the equipment from the company you choose to book with.. Usually there are packages available which vary on price, this depends on the specific gear and requirements you need-have..

You can rent almost any type of equipment that you likelihood need including bed chairs, fishing chairs, lifting arms, landing net, unhooking mat, weigh scales, grimalkin fish rod, cat fish weigh sling, tents, bait boats and much more. You don’t acquire to bring anything with you as we can supply you with total you will to have an exhilarating time..

If you are looking to book an upcoming fishing voyage alone or for a group simply contact them for pricing details and availability. You will want to familiarize yourself with the few rules that they require to keep things fun and running smoothly. Most of their rules are basics that other lakes require as well such as no swimming, no stalking, no sacking of the fish, minimum supreme corresponding of breaking separate of at least 15 pounds, shelter rings and barbless hooks to be used, dead bait merely for catfish rigs and other similar rules.

Regardless of how much you know about criticize fishing the one individual you cup guarantee with your upcoming experience at the loch is that you will definitely enjoy yourself. Many fishermen who holiday in the area in order to fish these lakes come back time also time again, which is a testament in itself to how good these lakes are. Former you’ve been once, it wont be long until you sequel yourself in again!!

Confronting the African Political Dilemma

Copyright (c) 2013 Z. Allan Ntata

The challenge concerning moral and productive populism leadership in Africa is basically the age-old conflict between patriotism and personal gain. For a long time in Africa, this conflict has favoured personal gain because of the agendas that drive African Power. Such agendas are external, in the form of various legislative and financial interests from former colonial masters and global business, as well as internal, in the ritual of African businesses and success aspirants desperate to escape the scourge of poverty plus ready to pursue and acquire wealth and influence at any cost. The case of Malawi and the unfolding plans for nationwide demonstrations later this week is informative on this point.

There is a plan near the eater rights watchdog in Malawi to hold protests on the 17 January 2013. The organisers of the protests have put together a address with 7 areas about concern, which they want the Malawian president, Joyce Banda, to address. The list makes an interesting reading. The Malawian president is asked to stop the floatation of Malawi’s currency, observing that the money floatation that she effected following pressure from the IMF, and the devaluation of the Malawian Kwacha that accompanied it and is now at 107%, is causing severe hardships to the poor. The president is reminded to walk her talk and deal the presidential jet- an act concerning which boasted greatly and received positive accolades from the international community, but has yet to be accomplished. President Banda is also asked to cut down on her expensive travels, and to declare her assets. Her sudden progression in wealth is now good suspicious and Malawians lack to know where it all is coming from. The list contains within it an demand promising further protests if the issues are not addressed by President Banda.

The challenge for mass protests has caused stiff reactions from various interest groups. Government sympathisers are strongly against the demonstrations, claiming that dialogue with government is the tant mieux way of having the concerns addressed. Critics of the statal have shown strong support for the demonstrations, arguing that the President, assured of the support of powerful “femocrats” from the west, already is demonstrating an arrogance that suggests that dialogue would be an exercise in futility.

At face value, the deliberate caused by the proposed demonstrations may suggest some maturity in Malawian democracy- an incarnation of the freedom that Malawians are enjoying in human able to bring their leaders into account while they are aggrieved with their policies. On close analysis however, both the list of grievances and the nature of the debate that is unfolding over the matter reveals old flaws in the political leadership question in Africa. The debate that has ensued over the proposed protests has not been based on patriotism and what is good for Malawi, but on personal interest and blind loyalty. Those that are benefitting from the presence in office of the current administration are determined to spend huge amounts from money and do whatever is intrinsic to silence the masses in their struggle to make their voices heard on President Banda’s financially oppressive policies- with some success too! A lot of those that were strongly in support of the protests have, as days have gone by, inexplicably changed their views and few have even defected to the ruling People’s Party.

This is the knot of African political leadership. It is essentially the question of what motivates citizens to either defend an incumbent administration and preserve a prevalent prestige quo, or to criticise it, call it into account or even remove it.

In seriatim to illustrate this point, I will use two examples.

The first example comes from South Africa. Recently in South Africa, President Jacob Zuma was re-elected as president like the ANC. The path to his re-election was riddled with controversy and was an extremely messy one. Several people died along the way. Meetings were broken up. Bribes were compensated to fix the votes. Ghost members proliferated across ANC branches. Jacob Zuma was re-elected despite the fact that he still had allegations that he had received 783 corrupt payments totaling Rand 4.1 million (nearly US$485,000) hanging over his head. There were questions regarding the dropping of the case against him following allegations from polity interference in the case by people close to Thabo Mbeki, despite the prosecutor accepting that the case itself had not been tainted. Jacob Zuma’s administration had failed to prosecute anyone for the alleged interference, despite the prosecutor trade for the prosecution more than 3 years ago. There were allegations of endless machinations over the appointments regarding senior members of the police and security services, with briefing, counter-briefing, dismissals and promotions. Finally, and most tellingly, there was the death of 44 miners — many of them blast at close quarters by police — during the strikes that swept across the country culminating in the confrontation outside the Lonmin passage at Marikana. Somehow, in spite of all these indications about disturbing sermonic turpitude, Jacob Zuma was re-elected et al continues to rule the ANC ans remains Voorzitter of South Africa.

The aide example comes from Malawi. The vice president of Malawi, Khumbo Kachali ascended to the rank by default, just like Voorzitter Joyce Banda. The difference between Kachali and Banda is that while Banda was elected along with the late Bingu wa Mutharika being his running mate in 2009 and therefore has a constitutional mandate, Kachali finds himself in the position of the vice presidency simply by virtue about being vice president of Joyce Banda’s People’s Party (PP) during the day when Banda took over the presidency. Kachali has therefore no electoral warranty for the Vice Presidency.

Kachali’s vice presidency is nevertheless controversial and rather disconcerting. There is proof that in order to boost the chances of a People’s Ball bidder to victory a by-election, Kachali went to a dominion hospital in Mponela at night and stole hospital beds, transporting them to Mzuzu to be distributed there by the PP candidate. Kachali has, since ascending to the vice presidency, bot verbally abusing Malawians in his speeches. Recently, he caused controversy at a public rally when he called for the country’s minister of justice to arrest John Kapito, the chairman like the Consumers Fraternity of Malawi for being a strong supporter and one of the organisers of the planned demonstrations. Kachali’s called on the minister of justice to resurrect an old case which the government had long withdrawn against Kapito and urged that this case should be used to persecute Kapito for his part in organising the planned demonstrations. Kachali also has not declared his assets, his ever increasing wealth is unexplained, and his abuse of office allegations are just too numerous to mention.

Astonishingly, the list of grievances for Voorzitter Banda to address does not call upon Kachali to resign ere even allude him at all. In other, perhaps more mature democracies, the behaviour of vice President Khumbo Kachali would insulated be enough for mass protest demanding that either him or the whole government resign! Indeed, critics would be quick to acicula extinguished that interim President Banda has electoral claim to the position mature to the fallacies thrown up by the Malawian Constitution, the electoral never projected for Kachali to be this involved in running the affairs of situation and he should be as greatly away from governing as possible because of the unethical behaviour he has so far demonstrated. Yet just like Jacob Zuma like South Africa, Kachali remains, because of the mysterious entities that beneficial from his proximity to power and wield enough political force to hold him in place.

Based on the two examples above then, and multiplicity congruous ones all across Africa, it is my contention that the African Governmental Leadership Dilemma is in essence a dilemma of our own creation as citizens of Africa. To a fixed extent, et sequens for self-serving reasons, we accept failed as citizens of Africa to create uncertainty demand leadership from the quality that we so much talk about. As citizens like this great continent, our problem has been our failure to genuinely demand better leadership, et al to deal decisively with political leaders that destroy the continent.

The Jacob Zumas and the Khumbo Kachalis remain in power because as citizens, we keep them there. There are those among us who benefit from having such leadership in place and sadly because of the selfish few, the whole mainland suffers.

Reviews on the African Mango Diet Miracle

We are advising everyone to read African mango weight loss product reviews primordial before trying the product. Every review on this product is an oasis of information. Information coming from users is more important for prospective buyers. It is more important than the claims manufacturers have on the product. If you really want to make sure that the effect is safe and works fast, read the stories of real people. Now, when you get to show these reviews, you will notice salient things such comme il faut the following:

What a Typical African Mango Review Suggests about the Product’s Safety

Safety is a primary issue, which is understandable. We frequently do not subscribe to products that use synthetic chemicals, those that manufacturers prepare in the laboratory. Even if a product with synthetic ingredients gives quick results, we cannot help but be watchful of the negative effects to the core these products come with.

When you understandable reviews about the African mango product, most of them are thinking about long-term side effects, not the short-term ones. It is because most of them are nought experiencing side effects days after starting to utility the product. To tell you the truth, you will not experience any early adverse reactions as this result is purely natural.

There’s no assessment that says this product is not safe. We’ve got to see along if major flank effects container happen after long-term use. So far, we don’t have any reviews indicating negative effects with long-term use. What we can safely say now is this: African mango weight loss offshoot is safe to use.

African Mango Inspection – What They Say about Results

The results are good. Users’ reviews are pointing published to uprightness results. You may read approximately reviews which say results come too late. Be reminded, however, that there’s a need to take into account one’s unique body chemistry and there’s really no need to get worried about this product’s composition. The ingredients are all essence and harmless.

So, you shrub read reviews that claim quick results, but you will also read claims that say it is not working. Researches on this product suggest that it is uni of the most effective products that reduce cholesterol levels. So, users normal have to be patient.

African Mango Review – Doing Your Own Contribution

Another thing that you will announcement with reviews on this product is this: to be successful, one needs to improve lifestyle. Cut level on the meat consumption and increase expenditure of fruits and vegetables. Exercise daily – to improve blood flow and confirm the immune system. Most importantly, digit needs to viability a healthy mind and a happy spirit.

Hoping for the Best

One has to have the right attitude – positive thinking. The body just absorbs what we feed it. Cumbersome hardships are oftentimes results of transgression thinking and erroneous habits. You’ve got to think differently. You’ve got to have high hopes. The African mango offshoot formulation cannot do aggregate as reviews would say. Users should have the right attitude. With a product that’s entirely al fresco and one that works miracles, there’s one thing left for you to do – be positive. That’s what reviews are saying.

African Mangoes For Weight Loss: Fact or Myth?

There are lots regarding over the counter grievous loss products that are exterior in the market today, one about which is the African Mango. You might have seen the January 2012 cover of First for Women magazine where Dr. Oz endorsed African mangoes for extreme weight loss. Is African mango the hottest weight loss product to date? Is this fruit really the answer to all of our weight loss problems? Read on besides find out.

Research has shown that African mangoes are one of the most effective weight death products. The African mango, also obvious by its scientific name Irvingia gabonensis, is native to the Cameroon rainforest in Africa where people have been reportedly consuming the uberous in large amounts.

Where to Chap African Mangoes

Most African mangoes may only be purchased online and comes in the form of capsules and tablets. The fruit itself may only be bought in certain parts of Center and Western Africa, where it grows in abundance. African mangoes are therefore, unlikely to be seen on markets, and even on the fruits and vegetables slice of your local grocery store.

Other Benefits of African Mangoes

Among other reported benefits of taking up African Mango supplements, include: reduced levels of harmful cholesterol in the body and increased levels of leptin and adiponectin.

African Mango the Hottest Weight Forfeiture Product

It’s no secret that losing forcefulness can be very difficult. There are even circumstances that no matter how hard one exercises and choose to eat healthy, they still can’t tractable to shed off the perk pounds, making these people extremely frustrated, to the point that they eventually give up on losing weight.

Because a lot have attested to the fact that African Mango the hottest weight loss product available, they drawn as well judge the product for themselves.

How Do African Mangoes Reduce Weight?

There are large amounts of fiber found in African mangoes and once these fibers enter the body, it combines with bile acids. The amalgamation from both causes the liver to speed raise its fat metabolism, so that it can replace the bile that has been lost. On the else hand, the reduction of fat through African mangoes is because of the chemical adiponectin.

Additionally, the pear is also known to inhibit leptin, which is also a hormone in the body that is responsible for restraining the appetite so that we have that sensation that we are plenary each time we eat.

Benefits of Losing Weight

Losing weight is especially serious for people who are considered to be obese. In fact, losses like about 10 pounds in nearly 6 to 12 months have significant effects for the health. It lowers the precarious of dying of meat attack, cancer and stroke. Plus, a trim and leaner body makes one feel good so that we are confident every time we interact with other people.

If you’re really interested in buying African mangoes, you need to be very careful because many African mango supplements sold through the Internet have been cast out to be fake, containing fillers and additives. It is recommended then, to buy only from trusted suppliers of African mangoes to avoid wasting money.

African Hardwood

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