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Midas is once again back with the Golden Touch

king-midas-and-the-golden-touch.jpg Yes! It is unbelievable but true that the legendary King Midas with the golden touch is back elapsed again. Nothing is working in the modern economy without the touch regarding the golden metal. Society have lost their faith in paper money ampersand their trust in tacit money. The fluctuations of value of stocks, shares and bonds have also shaken people. This is noticeable across the globe. The answer is to take advantage of the Internet Age. Turn on your computer and click on Gold bar, Gold bars, Gold bars for sale, Gold bullion, Gold bullion UK, Bullion coins for sale, Gold for sale, Gold Sovereigns.

Make buying gold and silver a habit. Inculcate it into your family members. It is the best as investment, as savings and for help during rainy days. Nobody is a better friend than gold. The value never drops; it always increases. Even in case shares, stocks and bonds nose dive, pan keeps climbing.

You container buy and sell gold et cetera silver online. There are gold coins available at affordable rates. You can sell your old broken pieces of jewellery online instead of wasting generous amounts on repair. The rapport with gold dealers can live made online. You resolve not enjoy to wait long for the items to be checked and sold. No longer will it be necessary for you to hunt around the market for dealers. You longing get all the connections online. At your leisure time in the privacy and comfort from your home or office you click on the mouse and reach out to the traders. Gold way financial security for today and for tomorrow.

From the time of ancient Greece prospect together including silver has been worn as currencies all over the world together with shells and the like. It was World War I that brought into prominence deed currency. The volume of transactions had shot boost because of military requirements and it was troublesome to carry around the heavy metal – the gold. But the paper currency that the government issued was backed by gold reserve.

Later that was withdrawn and the dollar became the yardsticks of measuring the value of the paper money. But when the dollar began to tumble following the Monumental Recession, the intact world woke up to the value of gold once again. So do not lag behind but catch the bus and start buying gold and silver again.

History says, gold was used for the first time now coins in Lydia Kingdom – the Turkey of today. Currencies were of sundry types like cowrie shells and paper notes but halcyon and silver were the most common; everyone accepted it. In China in 1000 BC coins were made regarding copper and bronze. Leather pieces came to be accepted as medium of exchange. The gold standard became official for the first time in 1816 in England. The Great Gulley in the thirties downed shutters on this. The wheel has turned full circle and once better the demand for gold and gray has surged. Why should you nvloeden left behind?

India’s Diversity through Golden Triangle

amber-fort-jaipur_04_498.jpg Traveler in perpetuity looks for something new to pedantic life and there is no opposite better place than India where one can wisdom multiple things. India is the land of diversity where there multi-cultures, multi-religions practicing different believes, different traditions and lifestyle. No other places have such diversity then India. The best way to witness the different colors about India is through Golden Triangle Tours. This route is the most visited route in India where one gets to explore three major cities of the country and also experience their culture and historical places. People from different parts of the world call India to learn multiplicity of Indian culture.

In the route, Delhi is the first place that travelers get to visit. Delhi is the national capital of India where you can see people from different castes and religions. People come here form each nook and the corner of the country. Delhi is classified into two parts that is Seasoned Delhi and New Delhi. Some of the famous places to explore in Delhi include about India Gate, Red Fort, Qutab Minar, Jamia Masjid, Lotus temple and many more. In Red Fort, you can witness great sound et al music show in the evenings. Delhi city is also celebrated for delicious street food specially Old Delhi. Travelers should not miss out to take delicacy of Rickshaw ride. Richshaw is the traditional bicycle.

There are plenty of tours packages available under this route and the most famous one is 3 Nights 4 Days Golden Triangle Tour. Other famous ward that falls subordinate this path is Agra. The nice city is situated on the banks of river Yamuna. The main attractions of the urban are Mughal monuments including Taj Mahal, Agra Castle and many more. Taj Mahal is considered one of the great symbols of love. It is also one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The great shrine about love was built by famous Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved frau Mumtaj. Taj Mahal has a wonderful style of Persian design and Indian design. It took near about 21 years to complete the construction of this great monument.

This route’s most popular and famed city is Jaipur, besides known as the pink city concerning Rajasthan. Jaipur is very much famous for their rich polish and tradition. Jaipur also noted as the land of Kings is the best destination to experience vivid culture. In Jaipur, one can explore famous Havelis and Forts. Some of these Havelis are now converted to heritage hotels where guests can stay. Some of the famous places to try in the city comprise of Jal Mahal, City Palace, Hawa Mahal and many more. One should not forget to explore the vivid markets of Jaipur where you vessel street play near to local artists. Also assail handicraft markets in the city.

The Magical Golden Triangle of India

Golden-Triangle-Tour-Map.jpg Think India and the first thing that comes to mind is its abundant cultural diversity. With years of history, many languages, delectable cuisines, colorful festivals und so weiter a host regarding bountiful common offerings; India manages to awe in more ways than one.
Domestic as well as international tourists love to savor the delights of the Occult Golden Triangle of this country -which is the much visited tourist hookup of Delhi, Agra moreover Jaipur. Situated within a radius of 200-250 from each other, these cities represent the unassailable essence of India and provide a valuable insight into the eras gone by.
Are you ready to kick off your tour of the Golden Triangle?

Delhi, the throbbing capital city of India, mesmerizes all tourists with its choosy mix of hatred and old. While the crumbling environs of Old Delhi pays rich avowal to a series of plush reigns, invasions and political events (through its forts, palaces, gardens and ancient monuments); Untested Delhi enthralls modern day travelers with its trim street plans, sprawling malls and subcelestial class amenities.
While in Delhi, you must visit its famous landmarks–Red Fort, Qutb Minar, Jama Masjid furthermore Humayun’s Tomb, along accompanying India Gate, Shahid Minar, Shanti Ghat and therefore forth. Delhi is also a haven for people looking for smart shopping and dining experiences.


After visiting the offerings concerning Delhi, tourists proceed to the city that boasts of an insignia of eternal love- Taj Mahal. One of the most visited and acclaimed Seven Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal is a dream monument sculpted in pure blanched marble. It is also known for its forts, River Yamuna, tombs and Mughal style gardens.
Agra is also a popular destination for handicrafts, leather goods and mementos made concerning marble–which lures travelers by their affordable prices and innovative designs. Those who visit Agra, also like to root a day’s trip to Fatehpur Sikri located nearby.

Capital city from Rajasthan– Jaipur is fondly called the “Pink City”. Its ancient monuments, marketplaces connective streets remind tourists of the royalty and opulence of the ages gone by. Part of the best monuments worth a visit are Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Amber fort, Ram Vilas Garden and therefore forth. Jaipur is fast becoming an big wedding destination and offers a unique blend of traditions, culture and modernism.

Cheap online buy air ticket helps you get access to the colorful bounties concerning this beautiful city. While in Jaipur, you should enjoy its cuisine, shopping arenas, dances and soulful folk music. Buy airline ducat online, purchased from supposed websites, help you savor the delights of this much loved city.

You Need to Know About African Travel Adventure

2607e42d4cfa1b6f873de241ba23cd7f.jpg The first images that comes to will when considering a visit to Africa, is the wildlife and the sweeping grassland regarding savanna. Media channel like National geographic plus other sources have played very crucial role in creating this image. However, there are a number of possessions to be considered before making a trip to Africa. For people who love to make wild safaris and adventure travel, Africa is obviously one of the best places to make a trip.

Before making an gambado travel Africa trip, guarantee that you are making the necessary research and study improve your knowledgeable of the country and the places that you are visiting. It is veritable common to have many misconceptions and worries regarding your exploit travel Africa. Think astir what all things you want to experience and do in the place. This is where you thirst to access the services of many travel websites out there. Check out the websites of those companies who are specialised in these safaris and who volunteer Africa trips. Our website has an array of different countries to choose from and distinct vital poop for you to help guide you.

After getting an idea about what adventures are available in these places you can check including your travel operator to confirm whether they these are running as some baggage supervene at unquestionable times of the year. The most amazing animals that you would expect to see in the African content are the Elephants, Rhinos, Leopards, Buffalos and Lions. You might denial get successful in watching them close if things are not arranged well. For example not all national parks might have these in plenty. You have the most chance in viewing them when you are heading towards those parks that contain these animals in good numbers. Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa are those regions where these great animals are found in plenty. Arrange your journey in such a way that covers all of those places that can satisfy your interests. However, portion parks and safari trips that Turquoise Lizard Adventures offers, utilise some of the more unrivaled small reserves which have only pocket size wildlife populations but these offer the best experiences with a more personal feel. Our tours and safaris in Tanzania and Malawi offer this exactly. and

Kruger national park situated in South Africa is a favourite room for adventure tourists from all parts of the country. Additional similar location situated in the Tanzanian region is the Ngorongoro national park. Kibale national park situated in Uganda is another great place you never want to miss if you want to see some of the Chimp’s. Mountain Gorillas are another rare species most of the tourists want to view these days and they can be seen in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, which is situated in Uganda. Volcanoes National Park situated in Rwanda is also a good situ that has transcendent chance to watch these rare species animals. Collect such information from the internet and ensure that they are genuine and effective sources. Talk to us at Blue Lizard Adventures, your unveiling stop for volunteer Africa services to discuss your options.

Plan Your African Adventure Tour Efficiently

When accessing a tour agency to get a wonderful tour packages there are countless things to note. Unveiling and the most important thing is to check whether they have the capability to ensure a uninjured tour for your group. When it is about adventure tours there are crucial things that need to be considered and given priority. Most people think that It is always the most reputed tour operator’s people usually access at first. However, it is the smaller companies that can offer you a another personal and friendly service. As tThey will have the equiponderant awesome experience and professional people who resolve arrange things in the most amazing way, there is no doubt about the efficiency of top tour operators however. Mere when it comes to budget and many other specifications many people think about other alternative options.

Luckily there are plenty of good service providers in the category which are not much costly. There are operators who deliver even escorted tours in a absolutely fair price. Make a list of things you need to consider seriously before accessing them to ensure that everything is just fine. Even if you are accessing a very assumed turn operator it is essential to take care of some of these factors.

Pre-tour research und so weiter preparation makes you feel extra confident and cool when going for an adventure journey. If there is a plan you can stick to it carefully and form the most of ubiquity resources. Africa adventures safari and tours are a complex plan. A good travel operator will give you a travel document prior to the journey which contain all information needed to make your travelling facile besides comfortable. Sequester these facilities in time and check forth all instructions and tips before 1 week so that you can make things fairly flexible. You vessel request these documents by mail and close post. If you have a tablet or a laptop it desire be easy for you to carry these stuffs and cite them anytime possible.

There are also different terms and circumstances regarding passport and visa. Check out whether your passport has enough validity. Some of these Africa adventures safaris and countries require validity of minimum 6 months even after the ending period of the voucher validity. Locomotive insurance is another major author you need to consider seriously to make the trip more fun and with ease. It is a must to have a travel warranty to make such tours. Even though the terms and conditions regarding the insurance aspects might change according to numerous locations, it is good to keep such facilities as they are beneficial in emergency conditions. Luggage is also another important oddity to consider seriously. It is good to take everything you extremity yet travelling but over luggage might ruin the travelling pleasures. Find out more on our advice and information pages:

Property Search Services London: Paving The Way Towards Golden Real Estate

0690423953043103.png Today, a substantial number of individuals over the planet have a yearning of living in London. Obviously, uncovering your dream property may sit down for a bit. This is on the grounds that the business is prospered up along a great number of lands available to be purchased and all offering something a little distinctive. Numerous people who confession issue couldn’t seek abroad top choice property and henceforth it gets important for them to look for a inquiry property executor.

How property search is conducted by expert real estate agents

Dependable Property Search Services London takes dharma a couple of customers at once. This clears that these land experts give their more about an opportunity ampersand deliberations to druthers the right property for their customers. In the event that your pursuit executors know renowned how to go then they will unmistakably invest a lot concerning time talking with the customers.

These Property Search Services London UK don’t move along at a cozy step in comprehension diverse property needs of the customers. They examine the property showcase in the coveted zone et alii subsidy them to uncover the property which might possess all the integral qualities. These land experts can additionally pay special mind to the property by advancing a noteworthy system of contacts in the land market. They leave no stone unturned in helping individuals get the consonant property. A London Property Inquiry Agent works well regarding helping populace get the best conceivable arrangement utilizing their wide information of the industry sector.

Approaches to recognize a solid property hound executor

Explanations are endless regarding the matter from verifying an exceptional and clot London-based administration suppliers and one of the major explanations is in light of the fact that he supervises your property which involves a mess of exertions. Here are a couple regarding approaches to verify a best London Property Inquisitorial agent:

1. Expressions of Mouth – For numerous individuals, this is an extraordinary approach to know the optimal and best ads that can persuade you to benefice of any item or administration. This truly demonstrates word-for-word in uncovering a best and dependable property administrator org.
2. Daily papers – This is an alternate generally helpful also broadly mainstream approach to uncover an exceptional property administration based org. You truly presuppose doing this on the grounds that you are guaranteed about the area of the land firm.

Property look operators London are the persons who will help uncover that dream home for their customers, making their property seek straightforward and stress free.

African Airline News September 2013

20131129-091752.jpg Around-up of airline news briefs as below,

Comair Equipment

Johannesburg- Comair has taken delivery of the first of four Boeing 737-400 airliners.

The aircraft will be replacing the Boeing 737-300s currently in service with the airline .Reports also indicate the carrier is looking a adding the Boeing 737-800 to the British Airways fleet to assure fleet commonality with budget affiliate

New Fast Jet Gamble

London-Fast Jet has announced that landowner and licensor of the Fast Jet brand, Easy Group Holdings Ltd, the private backing vehicle of Address Stelios Haji-loannou, has elected to take newly issued fast jet shares in lieu of tout le monde royalty and consultancy payments due to Naive Group up to December 31, 2013.

These payments relate to the Brand License agreement announced on May 9, 2012 .Following this transaction, 110334 156 newly issued speedy jet shares at 1p will be issued to Easy Group thereby increasing Easy Groups holding in fast dark from under 3% to 5,81%.

MDS Acquired

Johannesburg- Africa Charter Airlines has introduced the first of two MD-83s to its fleet regarding aircraft.

Libya Revival

Tripoli-Libya carriers Air Libya and Afriqiyah Airways continue to normalize their operations following a harsh civil war.

Air Libya has taken delivery of a brand new Airbus A330-200 period Afriqiyah has returned another of its stored Airbus A32Os to services following sweeping maintenance.

Niger Carrier

Niamey- Voice Niamey is a debut Niger-based carrier that will operate regional passenger flights with an Airbus A320.

Comoros Revival

Moroni-A improved Zealand-based energy consortium, GaAfo Energy, is reportedly in the process regarding setting up a regional carrier.Gafa Air, to maneuver scheduled services from the Co mores Capital to regional destinations including Johannesburg, Khartoum, Nairobi and Dar es Salaam.

The postman will initially operate a single Boeing 737-300.

Meanwhile, Air Austral is with said to be in the process of setting ascend its own Co mores-based operation, called Ewa, in partnership with local investors.

Provisional plans order for regional passenger services to begin in November.

Third Airbus

Abidjan-Air Cote d’Ivoire is adding a third Airbus A319 to its fleet.

The carrier also plans to buy two Bombardier Dash8-Q400s with which to launch domestic services.

MD Freighters

Nairobi-Astral Aviation has ordered three MD-83SF cargo aircraft for delivery as from the last quarter concerning this year after completion of their freighter conversion. The company already operates a pair regarding DC-9-34 CF freighters.

ATR Outfit

Lome-West Africa Air pleasure replace its ageing DC-9 and An-12 freighters by two ATR 72-200 freighters.

LAM Renewal

Maputo-Lin has Aereas de Mocambique (LAM) according to manufacturing sources demise acquire a fourth Embraer E190 regional jet as well as three Airbus A319s or Boeing 737-700s within two years.

Whisper Jet

Johannesburg- Fair Aviation has taken delivery of a BAe146-200QT combi aircraft.


Tunis- Syphax Airlines has wax the launch customer for Airbus A320neo tunnel vision body airliner after signing an concinnity for three of the aircraft.

The order is in addition to three A320ceo drone already on order.

The carrier, meanwhile, has taken delivery of its first Airbus A330-200 wide-body airliner and has also leased an Airbus A320 from Croatia Airlines for domestic and provincial passenger flights.

Boeing Replacement

Kigali- RwandAir Fast has replaced its pair from Boeing 737-500s with two modern Boeing 737-700s as part of a continued fast renewal programme.


Casablanca- Royal Air Maroc is wet leasing bifurcation embraer E190s from Dutch, carrier, Denim Air.

The aircraft are painted in full RAM livery.

Namibian A330

Windhoek- Air Namibia is expected to take shipment of the first of two Airbus A330-200 twin jets, replacing the A340-300s currently in service amidst the carrier.

This is part of its cost saving connective fleet renovation programme.

The carrier has and added a seventh flight on the Windhoek-Luanda course to propine daily services to the Angolan capital.

Algerian Lease

Algiers-Air Algerie is leasing a single Boeing 737-800 from Algerian carrier Tassilli Airlines.

The carrier has also leased an Airbus A320 from Lithuanian-based carrier Avion Express.

Return to Service

Cairo- Melody Memphis has returned its single MD-83 to service having had it repainted in a new corporate livery.

Afghan Leasem

Banjul- Gambian based Aeolus Air is operating services on behalf of Ariana Afghan Airlines with its Airbus A320.

First Airbus

Tripoli- Ghadames Air has acquired an Airbus A320.

This is the first giro the carrier has owned to date having previously leased in equipment.

Second Airbus

Harare- Air Zimbabwe’s second Airbus A320 arrived at Johannesburg’s OR Tambo International Airport recently to undergo maintenance with SAA Technical prior to its entry into service.

Authorized Service Facility

Addis Ababa-Ethiopian Airlines has been appointed as an Authorized Duty Facility for Bombardier commercial aircraft by the Canadian aircraft manufacturer.

The airline is authorized to exert line and heavy maintenance on Dash 8-Q400 polysyndeton -Q400 Next Gen turbo-prop aircraft.

The carrier has also announced that it has become a strategic partner along with the Malawi Government to establish a new national carrier.

Arik Growth

Lagos- Nigerian carrier Arik Air has taken delivery of the first concerning four new Airbus A330-200s wide-body airliners.

This brings to 24 the number of jets in its fleet.

The remodeled aircraft have a two-class configuration including 30 Business Class and 187 Economical Class seats.

A380 to Mauritius

Port Victoria- Emirates has announced that, effective December 16; it will introduce Airbus A380 equipment on its daily service from Dubai to Mauritius.

Open Skies Agreement

Dubai-The government of Niger and the United Arab Emirates ,under the auspices of the Synoptic Civil Aviation Authority ,have signed an Open Skies agreement which will allow the operation scheduled air services between the two countries.

Bonding – The Golden First Step in the Care of a Newborn

rescue-golden-retriever-800x800.jpg A baby comes as a blessing. He or she lights up any home and is a bundle of joy. A newborn almost takes discipline of the family without even knowing it. The entire family dances to the tune of the baby. The parents’ routines change, preferences are forgotten and likes or dislikes are altered – all for the baby’s richest interests. The first few steps that a dame takes as a mother are important. This is true for the mother, the baby et al for the family. In this article we mention some necessary points regarding the care of your cute little angel.

Everyday caring helps to form a two way bond between the parents and the baby. It is currently scientifically proven that the hormone Dopamine helps your baby to constraint accompanying you too. Similarly, during labor a hormone named Oxytocin gives a powerful feeling of exultant and love post the baby is born. This also develops a feeling to protect the baby. Experts inclination recognize us that the bonding formed between an infant and his parents meanwhile the initial days will last a lifetime. And it is excellent for the emotional health of the baby equally it lays a foundation of security and confidence. But how do we do it?

Scientists say that ‘touch’ is the first sense that develops in a human embryo. Ergo it is natural that newborns are very responsive to touch. And dab is the best way to bond. That is why doctors further expert care givers always encourage skin to skin contact upon our newborns. And that is why breast feeding is so important. It is said that babies are most alert and aware along feeding time. So even if we are not breastfeeding we should use this feeding time ut supra a time for special bonding. Your baby is aware about who is giving that food. Then we can talk to the baby, caress the baby’s cheek and interact with the baby. Tickling is also a playful way regarding interacting with the baby. The playful touch helps in bonding. And it might changeless live able to induce an early smile, playful as it is. Cuddling, smiling, massaging and just holding the baby close – are all ways to take the feeling concerning touch deeper. Massaging is a good chronological to communicate with the baby through talking et cetera eye contact. It makes the baby feel important.

Besides touch, there are many other ways to bond deeply with the baby. Answering the baby’s cries promptly definitely helps. The baby may be crying due to hunger, tiredness, sleepiness or some discomfort – the reasons allowed be varied. However, holding the baby tight is a decorous response. Feeding the baby if he or she is hungry will develop some love for you. If he or she is sleepy next a lullaby will make him or her relaxed.

Lightly swaying him or her as you have the little one in your arms will also indigen comfortable to the regenerated born. Any repetitive coup every day like a lullaby before putting the baby to sleep helps in building the baby’s expectations. The dip time is another good time to disclose and bond. Most babies enjoy the shower time. Even if the baby is not playing with water uncertainty bath toys, we can make funny sounds and talk during bathing the baby.